Mr. Irrelevant: Mr. I Pod Presents: Our Top 10 Soundtracks Of The 1990s

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Aug 10, 2017
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The Mr. Irrelevant Podcast (available on iTunes!) is usually about D.C. sports (read: the Redskins), but it’s taken a turn the past two episodes.

Last week it was about Matt Terl’s Disney Cruise (listen), and this week we spend an hour drafting our 10 favorite movie soundtracks of the 1990s. Listen below, or you can see the results here.

The way it works is we do a five-round draft, with Matt picking first then me second. The parameters, because this is important, are as follows: A) We’re basing this on how much we loved them then and not now, and B) It doesn’t matter if the music was from the ’90s, so long as the movie was.

Now, with the throat-clearing out of the way, here’s our top 10, as well as a Spotify playlist that spans the bunch:

1. Singles (Matt’s pick)
2. Pulp Fiction (Jamie)
3. Trainspotting (M)
4. Dazed and Confused (J)
5. Romeo + Juliet (M)
6. Boogie Nights (J)
7. Reservoir Dogs (M)
8. The Crow (J)
9. Twin Peaks (M)
10. Judgement Night (J)

Honorable mentions: Pump Up The Volume, Swingers, Forrest Gump, Reality Bites, Natural Born Killers, Above The Rim, Friday, Empire Records, She’s The One, Last of the Mohicans, Good Will Hunting, Dead Man Walking, Philadelphia, Jerry Maguire, So I Married An Axe Murderer, Cruel Intentions, Clueless, Go, Clerks, Mallrats and True Romance

Oversight on my part: Grosse Point Blank

What else did we miss?


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