Mr. Irrelevant: Introducing The Mr. Irrelevant T-Shirt For Discerning D.C. Sports Fans

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Aug 10, 2017
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Mr. Irrelevant has collaborated on T-shirts in the past (Football Team! Offseason Champs! Mr. Walk-Off!), but this is the first one that’s inspired by the site itself and not some other D.C. sports ephemera.

The design is by Ben Markowitz, who created our D.C. flag-inspired logo, which I love. And it’s made by Sneekis, who are great guys that we’ve worked with before (KD2DC!).

We assure you this is a quality shirt, soft and comfy. I wear it myself in XL.

*** Buy it now for $25 ***

It also represents something meaningful to me. If you’re familiar with this site, then I don’t have to explain, but if you aren’t:

We’ve done this since 2004, my brother and friends and I. When it started I was in my mid-20s, not married, no kids and not much of a career. We didn’t have a dog or a mortgage. Now we’re on our second dog and we have a few mortgages. I’m turning 40, married with three kids and, well, the career part is still a little confounding.

But in and out of 13 years, through thousands of posts and tweets and over dozens of podcasts, Mr. Irrelevant is a sweet presence in my life, and hopefully the lives of others. (I’ve written about this before, if you want to get maudlin.)

So yeah, having this shirt out there means a lot to me, and to us. Just that you’re reading this is good enough, but seeing it out in the world would be great, too. We hope you like it.


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