Mr. Irrelevant: Evaluating The Redskins Offensive Line With The Ringer’s Robert Mays

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The Cheerleader
Aug 10, 2017
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Well, this was fun. Robert Mays (currently of The Ringer, formerly of Grantland) stopped by the Mr. I Pod to discuss the Hogs 2.0.

His take? “They’re a good group.”

Trent Williams is one of the NFL’s best left tackles, of course, and Morgan Moses is a solid bookend. Brandon Scherff is good. Shawn Lauvao and Spencer Long are fine, or so says Mays.

Overall, he’d ranks them as one of the top “eight to 10” offensive lines in the league. Not bad!

He also confirmed that the original Hogs are one of the greatest lines of all time, and I may or may not have bullied him into saying they were No. 1 overall. Nice guy, Mays.

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(Hogs 2.0 image taken with love from the Master Tefatsion article I mentioned on the pod.)


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