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More speculation-Haynesworth for a 3rd and what next year+more


The 1st Round Pick
Jul 16, 2009
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Albert Haynesworth-DL- Redskins Apr. 8 - 10:10 pm et

ESPN.com's Chris Mortensen believes the Redskins would require at least a second-rounder "and maybe a player" in return for Albert Haynesworth.

Mort was merely tweeting speculation as opposed to reporting here. ESPN's "Sports Guy" is campaigning for the Pats to deal one of their second-round picks, but Haynesworth is more likely to end up in a 4-3 scheme if the Redskins deal him. The Titans don't have a 2010 second-rounder, so they'd have to get creative. The Rams have Adam Carriker to entice the Redskins.
Source: Chris Mortensen on Twitter
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Albert Haynesworth-DL- Redskins Apr. 8 - 5:50 pm et

According to beat writer Jim Wyatt, the Titans would be willing to give up a third-round pick to acquire Albert Haynesworth but not a first-rounder.

The Redskins were believed to be willing to part with Haynesworth for a third-rounder before they picked up his $21M bonus, but we can't imagine that remains the case. The Titans don't have a 2010 second-rounder, so they'd have to dig into the 2011 draft to further entice the Redskins.
Source: Nashville Tennesseean
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Trent Williams-T- Player Apr. 8 - 7:49 pm et

Oklahoma OT Trent Williams reportedly visited with the Redskins on Thursday.

NFL Network's Mike Mayock, among others, believes Williams is a better fit than Russell Okung for the Redskins' zone-blocking system. Mike Shanahan & Co. are at least doing their homework before deciding which of the two tackles to select at No. 4 overall.
Source: Chris Russell on Twitter
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Donovan McNabb-QB- Redskins Apr. 8 - 7:12 pm et

Browns president Mike Holmgren revealed that he didn't seriously consider a trade for Donovan McNabb because he didn't want to give up a draft pick in the first three rounds.

Instead, he plopped down $7 million in 2010 for a quarterback who has been an absolute train wreck since his six-turnover playoff game two years ago. Philly's price for McNabb admittedly dropped of late, but Holmgren handcuffed himself with the ridiculous Jake Delhomme signing, possibly setting the franchise back for years to come.
Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
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Donovan McNabb-QB- Redskins Apr. 8 - 7:36 pm et

Donovan McNabb scoffed at reports that he would have refused to join the Raiders had he been traded to Oakland this offseason.

"This is the problem with some of these so-called key analysts and these smart guys out there who go by 'sources,'" said McNabb. "So many people listen to different sources 'close to' the individual, but never the individual." The Eagles insist they made the best deal they could, so it's likely that the Raiders didn't want McNabb badly enough to beat the Redskins' offer.
Source: Oakland Tribune
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