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MLB Physically Took FDNY & NYPD Caps From the Mets...

Yet another example of MLB suckage. I gave up on baseball years ago, and now only follow it through the newspaper. I don't go out of my way to look at the stats or standings either, they just happen to be there and I happen to read them.

Not only does MLB suck in every way imaginable, but they prop up their losers, assholes, etc. to be heroes. The whole league is a joke, and has been for several years.

Mark McGwire was their hero while he was bringing them money. Then the steroid scandal blows up in their face, and they throw all of their retired stars under the bus while propping up their current crop like Arodintheass, Giambi, etc. They're ok, because they're making them money.

Then that piece of **** Alomar, who I never heard for certain whether he has AIDS or not, spits in an ump's face, and they reward him with the hall of fame. **** MLB.
I could not possibly give a bigger thumbs down to MLB. Bunch of clueless jackasses.
MLB is taking a lot of heat from the media and fans over this stupid decision.
He should be pissed he looks like the fool... pissed at himself for a stupid decision. Dumbass.

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