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Minnesota Vikings Waive Randy Moss





Randy Moss's reunion with the Minnesota Vikings lasted 25 days -- and three disappointing losses.

Vikings players confirmed Monday that coach Brad Childress informed them during a team meeting that Moss had been let go, a few minutes after the NFL Network
first reported the Vikings had waived the frustrated wide receiver less than a month after acquiring him in a trade with New England.
This is the strangest story. They haven't actually put him on waivers yet, but are telling everyone they have. It is weird.

As for if we should make a play, I think it depends on how much confidence they have in McNabb. If they trust him, I could see making a play for him. But if they don't trust I'm, what's the point? If they are thing Rex may end up being the starter, I don't see how Moss improves us that much.
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The Vikings seem to be in disarray. I can't imagine why you would just release him unless he had done something egregious. In doing so you've just thrown away a 3rd round pick for a few weeks of having him on your team. It makes some of the Redskins moves seem not so bad. At least if McNabb goes next year, we got a whole year of service for our picks.

From what we've seen this seaons McNabb likes to throw the long ball. Randy Moss would certainly provide a great target for that...assuming the line holds up long enough, or McNabb can evade pressure. Moss certainly would improve the receiving corps, and maybe then they could just cut Galloway who's done nothing this year.

One thing I would wonder though, is with McNabb and Moss it feels like you're trying to win now and get over the hump, but even with both I don't think the offense has enough juice to do anything more than back into a wildcard spot. If they're both gone next year, what's the point? Are they just trying to sell tickets?
I wouldn't be surprised if Childress isn't gone sooner rather than later.
I wouldn't be surprised if Childress isn't gone sooner rather than later.

Yeah, I keep reading the players are pissed. And the owner can't be that happy either. Chilly may be on his way out this week.

Best line I saw about the whole thing came from the Sports Guy. He postulated that should Moss clear waivers, the Pats should sign him, and release the following statement:

Patriots trade R. Moss to the Vikings for 3rd round draft pick and R. Moss.

Seems like something Vinny would have done.
With the way Shanny seems to enjoy drama, I wouldn't be surprised if he added Moss. He drug out the Haynesworth drama longer than necessary. Now, he's opened a major can of WTF in claiming Grossman gave us a better chance to win than McNabb. Why wouldn't he add another potential locker room distraction?

If he takes us to the playoffs, and beyond, with all this kind of crap going on, he'll once again be heralded as a genius.

As for R. Moss, the only way I'd take him is if London Fletcher uses the ole Vulcan Mind Meld on him first, and transfers the team concept into his punk ass.
Moss might have been the most talented WR I’ve ever seen. I don’t throw those kinds of complements around lightly either. Of course that was a long time ago, at least in NFL terms. It would not work out here in DC for him under “Iron Hand Mike”. We aren’t close here yet and a ring is the only thing this guy wants at this stage of his career.

He’s going to end up back in New England if I had to guess. It’s where he still wants to be and nothing short of that is going to work for him. The question then becomes will Belichick take him back? I bet he will, but only till the end of this season.
are we far enough up on the waiver wire to actually get Moss? I have heard that there are plenty of teams who will snatch him up and I cant say I blame them.

We're 12th (11th when you take out Minny).

  1. Buffalo Bills
  2. Dallas Cowboys
  3. Carolina Panthers
  4. San Francisco 49ers
  5. Denver Broncos
  6. Minnesota Vikings
  7. Detroit Lions
  8. Cleveland Browns
  9. Cincinnati Bengals
  10. San Diego Chargers
  11. Arizona Cardinals
  12. Washington Redskins

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I think there are a lot of teams who might want him, the question is will he want them? If he's not playing all out for the team who drafted him in Minny I can't see him playing hard in San Fran or Buffalo.

It's sort of like shopping AH. If you just look at what he could do he's worth at least a first rounder in trade. You contrast that against what he will do or the headaches that come with it and there's no way we could get that for him.
There's a lot of speculation, but Moss hasn't been officially released/waived yet has he?

If they're going to do it, what are they waiting for? I heard something about Ziggy Wilf wasn't too pleased when he heard about his as he helped arrange the deal to get Moss. I wonder if Childress made the decision unilaterally, and Wilf has now talked to him about it, and they're reconsidering releasing him. If so, that becomes even more of a cluster**** because Moss won't want anything to do with Childress at this point.

Dysfunction junction what's your function?
If you sign him off waivers then you pick up the tab for his salary. From what I understand if he clears waivers then he is free to sign with who ever he wants and price will be negotiated.

If he clears waivers he could resign with Patriots for less money than original contract, plus they keep the 3rd round pick. Chances are he clears waivers and becomes a FA.

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