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Merry Christmas My Friends


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Jun 30, 2009
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From my family to yours, may you have a happy holiday full of love, joy and friendship. Thanks for being part of our BGO family. Each and every one of you make this a wonderful and remarkable place to visit each day.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Kids were up at 5:30 asking about Santa. What's my name again?


I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Merry Christmas, everyone!
Hope everyone enjoys the holidays with friends and loved ones. Thanks for being a part of our community and for each of your contributions to BGO!

Wishing everyone a safe, merry, and a very Burgundy and Gold Christmas!
Merry Christmas everyone, hope yall are having a great day! We have to wait till Sunday night for our next gift! HTTR

Merry Christmas! You're all beautiful! Even you, elephant!
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Merry Christmas - hopefully everyone has a safe, happy holiday season whichever holiday it is you celebrate :)

Just kidding, of course. Merry Christmas.

Bob ~ "...you make this a wonderful and remarkable place..."

Mike and Sian ~ "...such a unique flavor to my life (no matter how long) with just being you..."

John ~ "Thanks for being a part of our community and for each of your contributions..."

You're all welcome. I truly enjoy sharing my awesome.

David :cool:
Yes, Merry Christmas everyone...and, this is the best Redskins board. Just for grins, I went over to ES and couldn't find a quality post anywhere on the first three pages of the Stadium. Of course, the mods over there have so tampered with my account, it's possible I'm not seeing the whole site...:rotflmao:

But seriously, wouldn't the official site of the Redskins try to have a bit more depth when it comes to contributors? Looks like all the quality posters have simply migrated over here.

Oh, and did I mention the best mods on any Redskins board reside right here? No ego trips in this group.

Thank gawd for the BGO.
Absolute truth. BGO is what ES might have been if the merger never happened.

I love the mods here. They let us get away with a lot, and I apologize for overstepping the loose boundaries when I do. There's no excuse for anyone to not love these guys. Here, they don't feel like mods, they feel like friends. As sappy as that sounds, it's the truth, we all feel this way I'm sure. We don't cower when you guys come around, and we feel bad when we screw up. Total respect for all of you. You guys have honestly changed what I expect from a mod all over the internet. There are no egos among the group, and I love the way you guys choose to run this site.

As for you Boone..........We'll continue to beat the praise into you until you learn to just accept the fact that you have completely outdone yourself here. none of us could have possibly dreamed up a better community.

As far as the members go, some of you could do without me on here sometimes and I don't blame you :D, but each and every one of you has a special place here to me. The dynamic it creates, and the multitude of different things every one of you brings to the table makes the intelligence, joy and success of this place completely immeasurable. But you know what else I love? The fact that even when we get new guys/gals here, they instantly become one of us. It doesn't feel awkward like on other sites. It's like they've always been part of the family, we were just waiting for them to find us, and I love that.
Merry Christmas everyone from Ken (me), Jessica (daughter), David (son in law), Ellie (mother), Sam (step-father), and Ricky (cat).
Merry Christmas to the members of the best Redskin fan forum. Thanks for welcoming this "native" Texan. It has been fun.

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As we enjoy today's conversations, let's remember our dear friends 'Docsandy', Sandy Zier-Teitler, and 'Posse Lover', Michael Huffman, who would dearly love to be here with us today! We love and miss you guys ❤

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