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Merril Hoge Finally Succumbs to Multiple Concussions, Goes Insane

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Well that's just silly. Flacco's good, that's for sure. I'd call him a top ten QB, and with the amount of good QBs in the league right now that's pretty good.

Elite? Nah. He's another Eli Manning. A guy who plays hot and cold, and when he's hot he's as good as anyone. And like Eli he tends to get hot in the playoffs. But best in the league? Eh. You have to be more consistent than that. Rodgers, Manning, Brady, Brees ... that's the short list as far as I'm concerned.
I saw that. Hoge is out of his ever-lovin', God-forsaken mind.

I'd take the #3 rated QB in the NFL last year over Flacco 150 times out of 100.
Brady, Brees, Griffin, P. Manning, and Rodgers are all QB's I'd take over Flacco if I was starting a team today.

Ryan, Kaepernick, Luck, E. Manning, and Roethlisberger are all QB's I'd consider taking over Flacco.

When the list of guys you definitely would take over him and the list of ones you'd consider taking over him is that long, and it just contains players that were active QB's this year, then you're note an elite qb.

If I told you your brand new franchise drew Flacco most people would go 'eh, ok.' Give them someone off my first list and they'd be happy. A lot of people would be happy with some off the second list too.

He may be elite by the time his career is done, but right now he can't even be elite against currently active qb's... much less being compared to all qb's...
Matt Ryan is definitely a top 10. I just watched the whole segment on TV and it was funny watching Hasselback call Hoge out.

Hoge was defending his list and said, this list is QB's right now! RIGHT NOW! Flacco just won the Super Bowl, so...

Hassleback came back with: Umm...you have RG3 at #8 on that list...he can barely walk!
No way is he the best currently.

With that said, a very strong argument can be made that he is in the top two or three going forward, primarily because of age.

Flacco is only 28 and already has as many SB rings and playoff wins as Peyton. If he can play even another five years, he can crush Peyton's postseason accomplishments.

Peyton turns 37 in a month from now. No thanks, I'll take Flacco.

Tom Brady is already 35. Again, if you had your choice of who to build a team around, it might be Flacco for the future.

Drew Brees is 34. I believe he's been the best QB in the league for the last several years. But 34 versus 28? I love Brees, but another case for youth could be made here.

Looking out five years, and with his record of rarely missing a game due to injury at any level, I believe he is in the top three.
You'd take flacco over peyton right now? For next year you want joe flacco?

Man, I'll have to shake my head at that. Flacco is an average qb who got hot at the right time. Peyton is a hot qb who elevates everyone around him.
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Maybe not for next year. But for three years from now? Yes, I'd rather have Flacco or RG3 over Peyton.
You'd take flacco over peyton right now? For next year you want joe flacco?

Man, I'll have to shake my head at that. Flacco is an average qb who got hot at the right time. Peyton is a hot qb who elevates everyone around him.
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I'll say it. I would rather have Flacco right now than Peyton. Flacco was GREAT in the playoffs, average in the regular season. Peyton was amazing in the regular season and couldn't get it done in the playoffs. Hell, he won one less playoff game than Tebow did with that roster last year. Peyton has never been a great playoff QB; I will take the guy with ups and downs in the regular season who crushes it under pressure instead of the guy who kills it during the regular season and disappears in the playoffs.

As for the greater context of this discussion, Flacco moved into Eli territory for me, which is pretty high. I think I'd rather have Flacco than a lot of QBs, outside Brees, Rodgers or Griff right now.
Joe Flacco is a live by the sword, die by the sword type of QB, but after this playoff run there is no doubt he is definitely a top 5 QB in this league.

Yes...he's had a quality team around him, but he has been to 3 AFC Championship games in his 5 year career and won a Super Bowl. He has earned accolades, but since he is either a Raven or doesn't have much personality, he won't get much credit.
He lost to the super bowl champs because of his defense. Come on, goal. Dont be that guy and think peyton dropped those great passes, or played horrible defense.

And youd rather have flacco over peyton yet brees over flacco? The same brees that threw 5 picks in one game? Seriously, the logic behind that is puzzling.
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Flacco had 11 TDs, 0 INTs in the playoffs. BMore did NOT get to the playoffs on defense alone. He's areally good QB. Peyton is on the downside of a great career, and has always had trouble in the playoffs. Get Flacco or Eli to the playoffs and chances are they will make some noise.
Keep in mind, Peyton had a chance to win that game, but John Fox had him kneel instead. Still scratching my head over THAT decision.

EDIT: And if not for one of the more monumental defensive lapses of all time, Flacco goes home yet again. He threw a not particularly pretty ball to a WIDE OPEN receiver, because the DB inexplicably let him get behind him.

/brain flashes to Giants game
//stabs Madieu Williams voodoo doll repeatedly
///douses in gasoline, sets on fire
////shoots from a cannon into the Gulf of Mexico
When McNabb was taking the Eagles to the NFC Championship Andy Reid gave him the perfect game plan for him to excel and he took advantage of it. McNabb was a top 5 QB then. Yes! In the NFL during that 4 year stretch, McNabb was a top 5 QB in this league!

It turned out he was unable play in any other scheme, but for that 4 year stretch he was one of the league's best!

Sometimes your blatant dislike for someone in particular blinds you to reality. I know you hate the Ratbirds, but don't let it cloud your judgment Mike. Joe Flacco with his indiscretions, is one of the top 5 QB's in this league.
my blatant dislike? get out of here with your "poor ravens" shtick. Its funny but it never holds weight.

My argument was not about him being top 5. My discussion with McD, and then Goal, was about him being better than Peyton. He's not...no questions asked. He is not as good a QB as Peyton Manning no matter how much "hate" you think I'm spreading.

I don't think you're spreading hate brother...I am not trying to egg you on. But you are not following their argument. Both have clearly stated that a younger QB who has just won a Super Bowl and has many years left, would be a better signing (better option at this point in their careers) than a Peyton Manning who is definitely on the down swing in his career. I am not sure why you think he's not...even with his impressive season this year he has 2 seasons left at the most...if that.

Flacco has done in 5 seasons what it took Manning to do in 12.
Top 10 for sure, but not top 5. Come on, Brian, be realistic. There are almost 5 QBs in the NFC I'd rather have than Flacco right now! Griffin, Wilson, Brees, Ryan. You could even make an argument for Kaepernick.
Mike, he is not as good as he once was...there is no denying that.

Lanky, Russell Wilson? Kaepernick? And while I like Matt Ryan, Flacco has accomplished more. And if we're being honest...Griffin has only proven he can be a better QB. He has yet to do what Joe Flacco has done.

I am baffled by this...Joe Flacco was just the MVP of the Super Bowl and there is a suggestion that he is not as good as Russell Wilson?
I thought Jones would get it too Mike, but that doesn't mean Flacco didn't deserve it either.

You can have Peyton... And for the record, if they were both 28...I would take Peyton all day!

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