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Menu at top doesn't work on front page?


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Dec 9, 2009
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When I go straight to www.bgobsession.com, I try to click Forums at the top and it doesn't work... So I have to look for it on the left hand side. Don't know if it's been reported or not, or if it's just a personal problem...
Blackjack, please check to see if it's browser-related. I've had the same issue using Opera and Google Chrome, but the top "Forums" button works find in IE, Firefox and Safari. We have talked to a fixer about trying to work around the problem in GC and Opera, but the cost seemed out of line with the benefit, at least for now.

We may have to revisit that at some point though, as we grow. That or hope GC and Opera upgrade first!

Also, as a temp workaround, you don't have to dig through the Navigation menu on the left side for the Forums link ... we installed a large gold button high on the right column that's better for those of us more chronologically blessed that the youngsters around here. :)
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Interesting-I use both Chrome and Opera and have not encountered this particular problem-just thought I'd let you know.
Just so you know, I use Firefox with my Macbook, and the links at the top don't seem to be active on any pages. I am far from technologically savvy, so if you have any suggestions for me, I'd appreciate them.
Thanks for the heads up and sorry for the inconvenience, Goaldeje. Exterminating that elusive bug is definitely on our offseason To Do List.

FWIW, when we customized the Flash header and replaced/expanded those top navigation buttons, somehow we lost a line of code (maybe added one?) when the programmer we hired did the actual re-install that affected their operation in some browsers.

We're going to track it down though. We're relentless. :)

Question for you, if you don't mind:

On some browsers they won't work when you first come to the site the first time in a fresh browser window, but then will work after you've been to at least one other page. Is that the case in Firefox for Mac?
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Doesn't seem to be. I have been enjoying all sorts of things all over the site this morning (thank God Virginia shuts down completely when it snows, or I'd have to, you know, work or something), but still can't get those links to work on any of the pages I've remembered to try.

Not a huge deal, just mildly inconvenient really. I can still get around just fine.

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