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Medical Question


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Apr 1, 2011
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I go through periods of great health and terrible health, never in between. I have currently been in great health for the majority of 2012. My streak is over now, and I was wondering if anyone could help me identify my current problem. Google has been as useless as usual when it comes to medical questions, so I just wanted to see if anyone here has had this before.

About an hour ago, I got up from my chair to get some water. Immediately as I got up, I felt a ferocious pain in the groin area on both sides. But not in the normal area you'd feel it from a pull, which I have done multiple times over the years. This pain is different. It's almost crippling, and actually feels more like it's behind the groin if that makes sense. It's a pain trying to describe it, but I can't see my doc until Monday, so just trying to figure out if it's ER worthy, or if it's something that can wait. I have a pretty damn high pain tolerance, so the pain won't be that much of an issue, but i don't want to sit around until Monday if it could be something that needs quicker treatment.

Any guesses? All Google gave me as options were AIDS, cancer, Prostatitis, double torn groin muscles at the same time, and a double hernia at the same time. It was like the people who use WebMD and find out their headache might be a brain tumor :laugh: Completely useless.
My first thought when I read this was hernia. But I don't have any direct experience with hernias. You're better off seeing a doctor than getting half-assed medical advice from random people on the internet who don't know jack and just spent last night at a Holiday Inn Express. :)
Stop eating wheat! The GMO's are killing you!
Almost sounds like bladder spasms to me...
I'm all screwed up. I went to an urgent care center, because the pain just got intolerable. They ran a slew of tests and x-rays, and determined quite a bit. I have a sprained left groin, partially torn right groin, a hernia, and osteoarthritis in my right hip.

Total F'n misery.
The hits keep coming. Earlier today, I was carrying around a bagger from my mower in my left hand, and using a pair of grabbers with my right to pick up debris leftover from Sandy and put it in the bag. I let the bag get too heavy and full, and when I went to lift my left arm to dump the bag in the trash can, something in the middle of my chest pulled so badly that I felt like I was having a heart attack. The pain was so severe, and is still very painful now. I don't know what I did, but it was a pain I hope to never experience again. I feel like someone just stabbed me in the chest and left the knife in. Just lightly touching the spot hurts like all hell.
I'd say with a strained groin, a torn groin and a hernia, you probably shouldn't be draggin around a bagger. Sorry about the landslide of ailments, sucks getting old.

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