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Me, the greatest Caps hat in the world, and Dan Steinberg: a twitter miracle

Lanky Livingston

So...there I was on September 9th, like any other work day, sitting at my desk doing FEA, or some other type of engineering task. It was a usual day, nothing special, except for the fact that on the other side of the country, in New York City, our beloved Alex Ovechkin was there to promote the new hockey game, EA's NHL '10. He was to drive a Zamboni down the street, to the NHL store there.

Anyway, our story begins with Dan Steinberg, who like any good DC Sports blogger, was in NYC covering the event. Because, well, Ovi is the most popular guy in DC these days, being the best in the universe at hockey and all.

Aside: for those of you who do not know what twitter is, its basically a 140-character limit blog, that answers the question "What are you doing?" It is also a one-stop place for news, etc. BGO is on twitter, as well as our friend Dan Steinberg.

So part of the coolness that is twitter, is reading Dan's "tweets" as he covers the events. Its basically steam of thought coverage, pretty revolutionary if you ask me. We got gems like:

""probably im gonna break this car," ovie said when he climbed in zamboni"


"my favorite part of the day was definitely the officer who pushed me outta the way then took a cell phone pic of ovie"

and this "twitpic," of the greatest hat of all time:

"http://twitpic.com/h49q9 - This is why ovie wins dc most popular athlete poll"

Anyway, when I see this pic, I replied to Dan and asked him to get me one. I thought there was no way in the world Dan Steinberg, as busy as he is, would ever pick one up for me. And alas, I heard nothing back from him. I posted the link on facebook for my friends in NY, but nobody said anything to me. My boss's brother offered, but he was too far away to really do anything about it. I searched the interwebs for a long time, but I didn't know who made the hat, which made it more difficult. I finally gave up after a couple days.

Anyway, about a week later, on the Friday the 18th, I get the following message from Dan:

@jaimiegraham hey man i have your caps hat what should i do with it?

HOLY ****!! Dan Steinberg bought me the hat. This is un-REAL! So I replied that I would in fact be in town that weekend for the Rams game, and could meet up with him there. No problem he says, just email me where you're gonna be, and gives me his address.

To make a long story short, he met me in front of my section (107), and gave me the hat (I lucked out, apparently 107 is right near the entrance to the press box). The coolest part of the story, the hat was $22 something - I gave him $25, but he wouldn't except the extra $5. So not only did he travel from NYC with the thing, held it for over a week, I got it at a discount. Yeah its only a couple bucks, but still cool. The end result is this - just thought I would share. I thought it was a very cool story!!


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Dan Steinberg, ignoring your 'beyond cool' story, has been the coolest, most fan-friendly media guy out there, for years.

Color me not at all surprised.

Cool. That's just how the guy rolls :)

I've heard he's cool and fan-friendly, but I feel like buying a complete stranger a hat from NYC is beyond all that. Dude is just a good person!!

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