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MBA - worth it?


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Feb 1, 2010
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Waynesboro, VA
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I am considering swallowing my pride and dignity as a JMU alum and applying to the Darden School, being as it is now only 20 minutes away, and I hear pretty frickin' amazing things about it. I have a "conversation" with them scheduled Wednesday at 9AM to discuss some of my questions, and give them an opportunity to tell me I'm not good enough. :)

I have been thinking about this for a while. After doing some research, I see my original desire, the field of psychology is over-saturated and job prospects are bleak. I enjoy what I do, but don't see a lot of opportunity for advancement within my current division, and figure an MBA could help.

Then I saw the cost. Holy ****. So, is it worth it? I am assuming I would be paying for the placement services as much as the education. Anyone know anything about the Darden School?
I'm not qualified to answer, except to say, when you have an MBA from the Darden School on your resume, that's going to open some serious doors. Just a fact. Whether it's worth it - only time will tell. On the positive side, one of the best public university experiences anywhere :) There's no comparison.
Naturally, John and I will gladly tout UVA as enthusiastic alumni - that is to be expected. I will echo what John is saying here and add that having any kind of degree with "University of Virginia" on it will open up more doors than you can imagine. Just over thirty years later, that piece of paper continues to pay dividends for me.

On the MBA side of things...

It depends on what your goals are and how you plan to use it. I decided to get an MBA back in '04 and graduated from Drexel University ('06). LeBow (Drexel) is a great business school and it was certainly convenient for my needs, but I wish there could've been a way to get a Darden MBA. Just saying.

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