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March Madness Thread


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Feb 1, 2010
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Can't believe I forgot to post this earlier. Anyone else watching? What's you Final Four?
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My bracket has gone kablooie already - like Hampster Huey And The Gooey Kablooie.

Got bitten by a Spider a few minutes ago as well.

So much for that one million dollars that Yahoo was offering. And the ten thousand dollar prize as well.

On to next year. :rotflmao:
Yah, I know folks around here will be pretty excited about the Spiders, that's pretty cool. I had them in upset, more for sentimentality than anything. I guess that makes up for picking ODU to advance...
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Jimmer! Long three at the end of the half!
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There were several fun-to-watch nail-biters yesterday. I love tightly fought competitive games because both teams are playing their guts out trying to win. Morehead produced the mandatory upset and Kentucky had the crap scared out of 'em. I love me some NCAA basketball tournament!

BTW, Mike, I like the Aztecs too-tons of talent on that team.

Florida looked impressive as did UConn. On to the Friday matches!
Only reason I keep track is hope another small school will make a run, much like George Mason couple years ago.
My final four: UNC, Kansas, UConn & Pitt.

My bracket busters: I had St. John's in the elite 8 (went old school). If Texas beats Oakland, I'll be officially effed, as I have them in the elite 8 also (yes, I have Oakland beating Duke. No, there was no anti-DOOK bias involved in that pick at all. FOOK DOOK!). Louisville killed me, but I didn't have them past the sweet 16 and I doubt very many people had them losing to Morehead (greatest college or university name EVER) State.
Only reason I keep track is hope another small school will make a run, much like George Mason couple years ago.

Or perhaps Butler from last year?

Here'a a list of the 16 teams that got 2011 tournament bids with the smallest enrollments:

53. Morehead State-9,046
54. Gonzaga-7,682
55. Xavier-6,800
56. Vanderbilt-6,738
57. Duke-6,400
58. Villanova-6,240
59. Belmont-5,936
60. Alabama State-5,627
61. Hampton-5,402
62. Princeton-5,149
63. Butler-4,200
64. Bucknell -3,538
65. UNC Asheville-3,500
66. St. Peter's-3,282
67. Richmond-2,750
68. Wofford -1,450

Villanova has it's hands full today though, facing tiny George Mason (enrollment 32, 067) so we might lose one there. :frown2:

Yeah, I know, facetious as all get out but I just couldn't resist temptation. LOL! :bucktooth:

Seriously though, I think the Richmond/Morehead matchup Saturday has the earmarks of a seriously fun game to watch.

Here's the link to the complete list by enrollment.http://collegebasketball.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1200180
Who knew Oakland University was located in Rochester, MI? Not me, that's for sure.
Barn-burner between W. Va and KY. is a great game-probably the best I've seen so far.
Big East equals Big Joke. Bragging about how they have eleven teams in the tournament. After this round, eight will be gone. If Florida St. can beat ND, that will be nine gone.

March Madness indeed.
Well. That was fun. I've got two Final Four teams (OH State and FL) left, and four Elite Eight teams. Everyone said this was the year for upsets because there aren't any great teams. That's great. Looks like i pretty much picked the wrong upsets across he board.
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My final four picks were Ohio St., Duke, Kansas, and Florida. So far, those picks are good. However, I have only ten picks in sweet sixteen. Oh well.

And for the Big East - bwaaaaahhhhhaaaahhhhhaaaa!
Man, my bracket is demolished. That Butler/Pitt game was ridiculous! And let's go VA, two teams in the sweet 16! Imagine how nuts it will be in Richmond if the Spiders play VCU in the elite 8! Nuts.
WHEW!! we barely escaped that game against Temple.

Temple surprised me with how tough they played SDSU. I think SDSU was a little over-seeded when the brackets first came out, but with the way this tournament is unfolding, you could literally have just randomly seeded everyone with similar results, lol. I don't think they can get past UConn, but if they do, I'll be rooting hard for them against DOOK.
well they should have been a 1 seed in my book if Duke wasnt put there. they lost 2 games to the same team and then destroyed that team in the tourney by 30.

temple played a hell of a game and honestly we seem to have problems with scoring PGs.

DOOK is given a 1-seed in the preseason, and then only has to play their way out of it every year. Its ridiculous.
SDSU has had more trouble than I had expected. I'm really thinking UConn may knock 'em out unless they start playing way better than they have so far.

One of the announcers mentioned something interesting last night.

There are as many teams from Richmond, VA as there are from the Big East in the Sweet Sixteen. LOL! Warms the cockles o'me heart. Overrated conference seems to be an understatement.

Considering the trouble Duke had with Michigan they look nicely vulnerable. I'm not sure Arizona's going to be the one to do it though.

Ohio State is looking like a juggernaught. Scary. Match-up with Kentucky could be a classic.

Florida State is playing better than they have all season. A dark horse perhaps?
Go Noles! Come on baby.
Go Noles! Come on baby.

Blasphemy! You know this is a Redskins board, right? Geographically closer to Richmond than wherever the hell FSU plays.

GO RAMS!!!!!
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