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Jul 15, 2009
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I'm starting to get that itch. For quite a few years I've tuned out until the season started as I've grown tired of being off season champions and regular season duds. Obviously that's all changed and it's refreshing to see the team spoken of as a threat and not just a speed bump. Down hear in Cowpuke land we're no longer a joke when mentioned. The team is taken seriously and RG3 is truly feared. It's a glorious thing. The NFC East should be back to beast status. Gonna be a tough division and it's going to take a lot of wins. It feels good to have a genuine reason to believe we'll be in it at seasons end.
Yeah, I haven't been this starved for football in a long time. I want to see football so badly, that I'm actually looking forward to the HOF game this weekend.

I may even drive to Tampa to see the Bucs training camp this weekend. Do I like the Bucs? No way. But I'm dying to see some live action.
Despite the glorious rally during the final seven weeks of last season, I'm still very guarded about this coming season in what is a highly competitive conference. We have a lot of important players coming back from injury and outside of the NFC East alone, you can easily say that there are five teams that believe they have a realistic shot of making the NFC Championship game in Green Bay, Atlanta, New Orleans, Seattle, and San Francisco. You also have an improving playoff team from a year ago in Minnesota, and others like Tampa Bay who feel they can likely make a push for a playoff spot.

Personally, I think a realistic goal for this team this year is to maintain the same success we had in the division a year ago, reach the playoffs for a second year in a row, and have our franchise QB continue to develop and stay injury free.

After winning the division in '99 and defeating the Lions in the opening round, it just felt like it was a bit premature for that team to go on a spending spree and acquire player after player in hopes of reaching a Super Bowl in the following year. To me, we weren't a few players away.

The 2013/14 season seems somewhat similar. While a lot of Redskins fans have huge expectations, there are still key areas of need and concern to legitimately believe this team can win the NFC. We can't get ahead of ourselves. This young core of players we've assembled has yet to even experience what it's like to win a playoff game.

They say that slow and steady wins the race. Last year proved that we have a nice mix of players with strong character, many of whom are of the variety that are essential to win a championship. It's imperative that we build on last year's success and learn how to manage and perform well with expectations in place, but not view it as being a make or break year.
Because of the cap penalty affects still looming, I am not treating this as a make or break year at all. In fact, if anything, I think its a great year to kick the tires on a lot of young players and really plan for the big events next season.

That said, i will be bummed if our team does poorly. Really bummed.
I agree about expectations being too high. I believe we'll be competitive week in and week out. We haven't been able to say that in a long time. With what we gave up for RG3 and the cap penalty, we're still a couple years from being set on the roster. The future is bright.
Gotta say i'm w/ you guys here... Cautious optimism this season. We've got a few glaring question marks, but have obviously addressed the major one, Locker room community. I really wish Fletch was flirting w/ 30 and not 40 because this team is different, and will be for a long time. This year, if we can make it back to the playoffs, I feel it's a success. Obviously come January, if were there, I'm not going to want it to stop, but a playoff appearance this season is big, especially w/ the killer schedule we have in front of us.

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