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Losing our LB Coach - Lou Spanos heading to UCLA

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Jul 25, 2009
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Jan. 17, 2012 7:25 p.m. - by John Keim - LB coach Spanos leaving for DC position at UCLA
LB coach Lou Spanos is leaving to become the defensive coordinator at UCLA. Spanos served as Washington's LB coach the past two seasons, helping develop rookie Ryan Kerrigan and third-year Brian Orakpo. Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett, a former LB, likely will continue working closely with this group no matter who is hired to replace Spanos.
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Wasn't real happy to see this... Seems to me our LB play has been pretty good when the right talent is put in the right place. Any ideas who's next?
They let go of Manusky in San Diego. Not sure I am qualified to say he'd be a good fit here. They run a 3-4 there, he's coached under one of the best 3-4 coaches of all time in Wade Phillips and of course he's a former Redskins LB. Not sure if he'd be willing to take a demotion, but Raheem Morris did.
This sucks!

Spanos coming from Pittsburgh was the only comforting thing we had once the decision to shift to a 3-4 was made. Now we have to hope we don't suffer a major setback, at what was looking to become a dominant part of our defense. We're still building the damn thing, and our best supervisor just left the company.

I doubt we'll find anyone better.

Hope, but doubt.
That's unfortunate. Our LB corps was easily the strongest unit on either side of the ball.
I wonder, would this be the time to try and kill two birds with one stone.

Re-sign London Fletcher, as a player/coach. I would think if anyone could pull it off these days, it would be London. Even if it was just LB assistant coach, which he already is, really. Why not give him the title, too?

Then, maybe we could also keep his player cap number down, and make it up with his coach's salary. Doesn't sound like it would be allowed, but hey, you never know.
I don't think we have a difficult time finding a good LB coach. The key is who will Shanahan and Haslett want.

What makes our LB coach position so attractive is the guys you get to work with. You have Fletcher, Orakpo, Kerrigan, and Riley. Hard to find 4 better guys.

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