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Looking to the Future - Who gets fired first: Shanny or Allen?

McKissic for the win


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Aug 5, 2009
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Okay, call me a grinch, troll, or whatever. It just seems to me like the same pattern (as Sarge alluded to in another thread). A GM who is likely truly subordinate to the coach, even on personnel, and has a poor drafting record, a big name hiring, not to mention another coach who can't wait to hire his son (Say what you will about Zorn, but he's the only guy other than Robiskie to take the job from Danny without the idea of giving his son a job).

I've never been a Shana-fan, nor am I sold on Allen. I see a lot of 8-8, 7-9,5-11, etc. in the coming years. So, will El Generalissimo fire one, or will they both exit as they entered, as a package deal. I'm guessing Shanny pushes Allen to irrelevance after year 3, continues to lose, gets Allen fired after 4, and is refused an extension and finishes at year 5, leaving him the longest tenured coach under Snyder.


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Apr 11, 2009
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Well - way I see it, there are only two ways to view the Redskins. You either believe Snyder can never and will never learn - and if that's the case, all hope is lost as long as he's alive (an you btw). Or you believe, as much as it stretches the current imagination, that Snyder could and maybe even will learn, and that this isn't 'Snyderatto Part II -The Revenge'.

He actually crafted a statement indicating he might *gasp* take responsibility for his mistakes. In some circles, that's damn near personal growth.

I also don't think comparing Allen to Cerrato is a good comparison. Cerrato's primary qualification to help run a football team was his racquetball skills and that he knew how to make Dan's martini's just the way he liked them. Sure, Cerrato had some success elsewhere, but he carried himself like a buffoon, and clearly had very little sway or lacked the balls or juice to argue with the boss. Allen has serious GM experience, knows how to interact like a grownup, and is too smart to hire a newb wannabe offensive coordinator to take over from a HOF coach. How's that for a difference?

There are no guarantees with any GM/head coach. Would Belichick be Belichick without Brady? Would Tony Dungy be Tony Dungy without Peyton Manning? Maybe, but if the Skins could find a real QB for the first time in 15 years, and build some strength around him, you really don't believe Shanahan could coach them to some playoff success?

I've got to be more optimistic than you. Snyder is either truly going to get out of the football strategery business this go round, or we're doomed for life. I choose to believe he's just a little more humble and inclined to turn the football part of things over to the hired guns this time.

I could be wrong, but I've got to believe it. Otherwise, what's the point of even rooting for this team anymore?


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Aug 1, 2009
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Florida State

I am trying so hard to remain positive about our future and it irks me to no end that Dan Snyder has caused so much cynicism in the fan base. I am not sold on Shananhan! I don't know enough about Allen! But this is an even better situation than when Gibbs returned since there will be a proper set up in the FO with a true GM (one who has been on winning teams) and on the field with a stern, experienced Coach on the sidelines.

Will there be too much ego? Maybe. Shanahn got fired in Denver for the same reason Marty Shottenheimer was fired in San Diego, they wanted their men in place and the GM saw it differently. Could we see Shanny and Allen butting heads? Who really knows? I would hope that Bruce Allen as GM would have final say since he is Shanahan's boss.

Do I think this is the best move for this organization? I don't think so. I have been saying it all along, a young hungry coach with an experienced coaching staff supporting him like in Baltimore is what we need.

Unfortunately it boils down to Snyder and his philosophy. I think the key here is for Snyder to let Shanahan know that Bruce Allen is his boss! Limit his control of the team while satisfying the coach's ego by giving him more than just HC responsibility. This is a fine line and if handled the wrong way, it could end up as you say.
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I'm not a SHanny fan, especially of his type of offiensive line cut blocking. But I hope both of these dudes are sucessful and here a long time. It'd even be nice if they hire and cultivate some up and coming future coaches.

But I'll settle for some respectablity and competiveness for right now

Lanky Livingston

Well I think coaches get a shorter leash than GMs do in general, so IF someone were to get fired, I think it would be Shanahan. Especially since he will most likely be in charge of personnel, so the product on the field will have his stamp all over it.

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