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LoL at ESPN's coverage today


Anything and everything that can bring the conversation around to being about Griffin was used - if it ment showing a Griffin highlight, they did it.

Need a segway to discuss how terrible the Wizards are and that Miami is in town tonight? Talk about Griffin and his impact, and how it's made us 'forget' about the wizards.

I'm not kidding. Thats what they did.

They're now pumping their 'RG3 Rookie Highlights,' to show his entire 2012 season high light package, through the entire 6pm sportscenter, to show at the end. Every single commercial.
I could think of worse thing for them to do....
I could think of worse thing for them to do....

Oh so could I :)

It's just....

it doesn't feel real for some reason. the idea that our QB is irritating every other fan in the league because thats all ESPN will talk about today.

I'm enjoying that 'that guy' is 'our guy' this time around... the coverage is quite ridiculous. Especially since I honestly think Morris was the star of the game last night :)
Now you know why we all hate Eli unconditionally. It's the media man!
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RG3 is a media darling. After the game he did all interviews in his uniform. He didn't take a shower first and make everyone wait. A guy on post game show pointed this out.

It is good o finally be relevant again. The icing in the cake is the media loves RG3.

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