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Lockerbie bomber to go free


Unbelievable. A friend of mine, whom I was stationed with in England, was due to rotate out on this flight. Had he not been caught in the English version of 495 traffic, he would have been.

Best case for capitol punishment I've ever seen.



LONDON - The Scottish government has decided to release Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, a State Department official confirmed to NBC News on Wednesday.

NBC, quoting the unnamed official, said a statement was expected to be released once an official announcement by Scotland was made.
I don't think this guy is the Lockerbie bomber.

There's stronger evidence that Abu Nidal was behind it.
They let his buddy go, or he was acquitted, I can't remember. And while Abu Nidal may have been behind it, this was the guy that implemented the plan.

Where's William Wallace when you need him?
He was given a life sentence, they should either free him if he's innocent or let it play out.
Call me crazy but I always figured I a life sentence kinda implies you are in jail for the rest of your life.
Absolutely ridiculous.
What a treat to see the hero's welcome he received upon his return home.

Way to go Scotland. Thanks.

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