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Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami


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Leonard Hankerson (WR)

Weight:209 lbs.
Arm Length:32 1/4 in.
Hand Size:10 5/8 in.


Hankerson steadily improved from his sophomore through senior seasons when he became one of the most productive wideouts in college football. Has the size you like to see and enough speed but is a gradual builder who does not possess quick-twitched athleticism. Idles down at his stem and must rely on getting himself in between the ball and defenders more than gaining separation. Flashes the ability to go up, extend, and get the ball but also suffers from bouts of inconsistency with his hands. Tough kid with good intangibles who isn't afraid to go over the middle.


Hankerson's a nice blend of good size and speed. Boxes out defenders. Can locate and sit in openings when running through zone. Extends his hands away from his body and really goes after the football. Steadily builds speed, which coupled with his height allows him to make some plays vertically. Tough and hard-working.


Fails to bring in too many catchable balls. Won't reel in the highlight catch too often. Is not an explosive player. Doesn't burst off the line, eat up cushions, or get in and out of his breaks quickly. Won't take short passes for big gains. Not a candidate to make defenders miss in the open field.



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Hankerson was an absolute steal in the 3rd. Leading receiver all-time at the University of Miami...ridonkulous!
Draft reaction to the pick from some knucklehead calls himself "Om":


Is it too early to say it? Not at all. You have to hand it to the Redskins. It's all about the hands on this pick. On the one hand, scouting reports say the lanky, 6'2" 210 lb. wideout's hands are inconsistent. On the other hand, he has "massive hands, once compared by a former coach to Godzilla's, measure 105/8 inches from the tip of his pinky to the tip of his thumb - the largest of any player at the combine this year." On the one hand, reports say he lacks explosion off the line and doesn't get great separation. On the other hand, he runs a 4.43 and, oh by the way, broke Miami's "single-season receiving yards record on a team-high 72 receptions in 2010, his 13 receiving touchdowns broke Michael Irvin's mark of 11 set in 1986. His career numbers: 2,160 receiving yards and 22 touchdowns on 134 receptions." Hard for Redskins fans not to be pleased with the idea of a tall, athletic, productive and by all reports solid citizen wide receiver to come in and compete for a starting slot as a rookie. He may not turn out to be Jerry Rice, or even Larry Fitzgerald, but he doesn't have to be. He just has to be a productive professional and give the Redskins the big red zone and possession receiver they have lacked for so long. Another solid foundation-building pick, a developing pattern in year two of the Shanahan Era
as one who all the way back to ES days was pilloried for incessantly insisting the Skins needed a big, athletic, speedy wo.....I read this post and I approve!!! very nice coach Mike.
as one who all the way back to ES days was pilloried for incessantly insisting the Skins needed a big, athletic, speedy wo.....I read this post and I approve!!! very nice coach Mike.
Now all we need is a QB that can get him the ball and an OL that can block.
Interesting note about Hankerson - he and a couple other Canes drafted continued taking classes during the post season and draft, and will graduate with a degree that he EARNED. Not really spectacular in terms of real life, but pretty special in football terms.

And yes, Mike, McCardell is the WR coach.
Did anyone catch that picture of his hands? I believe I saw it over on PSD, but the guys hands are HUGE. Definitely going to be grabbing some catches in with those bad boys.
My favorite pick of the draft.
An interesting article appeared in Hogs Haven by Kevin Ewoldt about Hankerson's appearance on the Pickled Hogs radio show.

(Words or phrases bracketed with "<", ">" indicate embedded links contained in the article itself-linked below.)

9 Things I Learned About Redskins WR Leonard Hankerson
by Kevin Ewoldt on May 13, 2011 9:48 AM EDT in Interviews

<Hank> joined us on our Pickled Hogs Radio show last night where we covered a wide range of topics.

1.Hankerson graduates today from the U with an Arts & Sciences Major. Congrats.

2.One of the electives he took was "Dancology." When I asked what his first TD dance move will be suggesting The Dougie or Stanky Leg, he replied, "I don't celebrate much...just flip the ball off." That reminds me of <another Redskins great WR.>

3.He still does not have a copy of the playbook, <but I'm working on that.>

4.He has not seen Santana at all this off-season, but is working out with <Andre Johnson> and <Roscoe Parrish> (among others). In regards to what he's done with Andre Johnson, "Not much...running routes, lifting weights, just staying in shape."

5.WRs he's looked up to: <Terrell Owens> ("big, strong, physical"), OJ McDuffie, and Chris Carter (who was his position coach in High School).

6.He's never met <Clinton Portis> before but has met Luther Campbell a couple times. Note, if you haven't see the ESPN 30/30 on the U, you're really missing out. Do it today.

7.Being from Miami, he's a Heat fan, but I can happily report he does not own a LeCrabDribble jersey.

8.His agent is Drew Rosenhaus (like all U players)

9.Went to the same High School as Michael Irvin and ironically broke all his records at Miami.

<As we mentioned earlier>, Hankerson was a team captain at the U and that really came through in the interview. I'll forever be skeptical on WRs since all of my in-person interviews with Devin Thomas made me a believer, but I've got my chips pushed in with Hankerson. Well spoken even when I mentioned <the 7th Floor Crew>, one of my favorite late night party anthems. (He was never a part of that song but was a rookie when a lot of those guys were Seniors).

Article link: http://www.hogshaven.com/2011/5/13/2168987/9-things-i-learned-about-leonard-hankerson
This kid is going to be a huge star. Easilly the best player we drafted in any round.

He should have been a late first rounder.
From 2009, but this is an interesting look at the guy. Good news is that he apparently has sought out help to close the gap on his weaknesses. Bad news is, he is clearly not going to be designing rockets if his NFL career doesn't work out.


Another interesting video clip regarding Hankerson, this one with Drew Rosenhaus' perspective on Hankerson as the 'steal of the draft'

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Although Leonard probably will not ever be a candidate for admittance into the Mensa Society, he did score higher than the average for his position on the Wonderlic.

His score of 19 on the 50 question test was two better than the historical average of 17 for draft hopefuls at the wide receiver position.

For comparison, the two top picks at the position in this year's draft, AJ Green and Julio Jones, scored a 10 and a 15 respectively.
Well, sounds like that was an unfair comment by yours truly. He may just not be particularly articulate...shame on me for the assumption and thanks for that Chris :cheers:
Well, sounds like that was an unfair comment by yours truly. He may just not be particularly articulate...shame on me for the assumption and thanks for that Chris :cheers:

No worries, Boone, he definitely is not articulate.

Tim Tebow is though. And he scored a 22. :)

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