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Legal question about contracts

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Sep 28, 2010
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I am about to rent a product from a Sales Rep, and we are doing the paperwork through email, and they are going to ship the product to me.
The contract was sent to me to sign, and add my credit card, or check card, number.
But I was offered a "special" off the rental, and the contract does not reflect that. When I messaged the Rep back and advised them, and asked if they had an updated version of the contract, reflecting the special, she replied I could just cross out the old number, and replace it with the new number, by pen, then sign, scan, and email it back to her.
I'm wondering if I am really protected by this.
There's 2 concerns. The first is that they would knowingly cheat me, and claim the modification I made to the contract, was not approved by them. And then they over-charge me and maybe I don't have a legal leg to stand on. Not to mention, that if I modify the contract, scan it, and email it to them - then I will not have a copy that even has their initials next to the change.
The other is that I would be over-charged by an unintentional oversight. Since the contract is not the version for the "special", the people that process it, and charge my card, may overlook the modification by habit, and un-knowingly charge me the wrong amount.
But even if it is the second scenario and unintentional, I cannot afford to have this done, because if they ignore the "special" and over-charge me, it will result in my checking account being over-drawn, and additional bank fees.
So, my question is, should I insist on getting a revised contract, that has the updated Special printed on it ? Or am I being too worrisome, and the manual modifications should be fine ?
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Get a revised contract. It will get rid of all possible future headaches abut the price.
I would insist on a revised one personally, but your legal leg to stand on is the email they sent you instructing you to do this.
I would insist on a revised one personally, but your legal leg to stand on is the email they sent you instructing you to do this.
We conduct business this way, it stands as a verbal agreement which, if documented, stands up in court most times.
I'm not a lawyer and as HOF44 said getting a revised contract is the best option.

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