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Larry Johnson got cut. Should we pick him up?

While I'm all-for an influx of new running back talent, I am not talking about a 30-year-old injury plagued running back with a lot of miles on him.

And I do think that Betts is a capable starting running back.
That is what I'd expect from our FO. Need OL and they would go after a malcontent and older RB.
Too much baggage. Won't excell without the dominant line that KC used to have.


I'd rather bring back the last RB we just cut to make room for our new punter.
He's better than the malcontent we have now. But no! We don't need another RB, we need Pete Kendall! Wow, I threw up in my mouth a little when I said that!
He's better than the malcontent we have now. But no! We don't need another RB, we need Pete Kendall! Wow, I threw up in my mouth a little when I said that!

at this point Pete Kendall >>>>>> Will Montgomery >>>>Mike Williams >>> Chad Rinehart.

Either that, or we might as well just activate Edwin Williams and see what he can do b/c our right side is a porus as swiss cheese
With the expressions I have read of fan distaste for Portis' apparent tendency to say the inappropriate things at the inappropriate time which seem, at least by surface comparison, to be less inflammatory than Johnson's seem to have been, I don't think signing him would be a good idea-especially with fan discontent at an all time high. Given the team/organizational situation what it is, and barring some unforeseen dramatic turnaround, it's unlikely that Johnson-given his past history-could reasonably be expected to avoid a verbal slip after being placed in an already tense emotional/psychological situation.

The Chiefs are also having a poor season-the fact that they are willing to release one of their most productive players due to his disruptive verbal outbursts is not a good sign if considering putting him in a situation in which the tension level is even worse than he was used to.

Having said all that, however, I am in no way eliminating the possibility of his being picked up by the Redskin organization. He does have skills.
I'd vote no.

What this team needs more than anything right now is character and this guy has none.
Makes me think of the Shaun Alexander experiment all over again. I say pass. This year is gone. Let's give Betts his shot or throw some younger guys in there so we have something to look forward to in the future.

If we're gonna sign ANYONE, it needs to be an Offensive Lineman.
There has been some discussion about the Redskins acquiring recently waived running back Larry Johnson, who was not wanted by a team with virtually no talent on offense. Coach Jim Zorn mentioned today that the team has had discussions about signing Johnson once he clears waivers, which he will surely do. The proximate cause of Johnson’s availability is his recent tendency to use anti-gay slurs. He’s also been in trouble with the law, faced previous suspensions from the team and belittled his head coach. In other words, he’s a bad guy.

It also isn’t clear if he’s much of a football player anymore. Sure, he was a well-known fantasy league superstar at one time — which explains Dan Snyder’s attraction to him — but he isn’t a superstar in any league these days.
Read it all.
If they sign LJ, I'm seriously considering moving on. Geaux Saints!

Well...I could never do that. But I would be very very angry! :p
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