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Landry: NFC Player of the Week

Whatever else Haslett accomplishes this year, moving Landry back to SS makes him a genius. The rest is gravy. :)
I've noticed that while Laundry still hits hard, he is now also wrapping up so you don't get the harmless bounce off that sometimes happened in the the past.
Definitely deserved. Moving him to SS, which is his natural position, seems almost a no-brainer. What really impresses me, however, is how much he has elevated how he plays. He gets my vote for "Most Improved Redskin Player."

Good job, LaRon. :claps:
You'd think that being named POTW would be a big boost for the reputation of a young player trying to make it to his first Pro Bowl. And you'd be right. :)
Landry has been everywhere, forcing turnovers and tackling much more soundly. I loved Shanahan's quote - he said something like when he got here, he sat down with Landry and told him he wasn't going anywhere, because "he didn't want to play against him."

Now we are seeing why - when used correctly, Landry is a FORCE.
Laron is the one guy who has excelled in Haslett's 3-4 defense although Orakpo has excelled at getting held. Definitely our Defensive MVP thus far. Praying that others can follow his lead.
I don't think it's the switch to the 3-4 so much as the switch to SS and the new staff's seeming willingness to let the players gamble a bit that has helped Laron. I really believe we would have seen this same player the last 3 years had Blache and Co not moved him into FS after Taylor's death and not been so adamant about guys playing their assignments completely straight no matter what they saw developing. Neither of those things are 3-4 specific.
Neo, I can't really say it's simply the switch back to SS that has caused Laron to play so much better. It's rare that you see a guy look so comfortable and play so well in a brand new scheme just based on a position switch. There just has to be more to it. You may be right but I don't see a lot of gambling on Laron's part. It seems like his instincts are a lot better now because the 3-4 is putting him in the right position. Perhaps some of it is the switch and perhaps some of it is maturity but, other than perhaps Orakpo, I haven't really seen anyone else on the Defense increase their level of their play so dramatically.

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