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Jason Whitlock: Redskins Are NFC Sleeper For Super Bowl


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Apr 1, 2011
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Redskins are my new NFC Super Bowl sleeper.

Pierre Garcon could be the stretch-run difference-maker the Redskins need. With Garcon healthy and joining Santana Moss and Josh Morgan, the Shanahans now have the weapons necessary to maximize Robert Griffin III.

The Redskins get their crack at the Giants on Monday night this week. A victory and Washington is .500 and everyone’s sexy pick to a make playoff run. The value in buying a Redskins-Super Bowl prop bet lasts about five more days.

:laugh: Seriously folks, don't let a couple of good games go to your head like this. On a serious note, hearing Redskin and Super Bowl in the same sentence, and not as a punchline, definitely makes you smile.

I am placing my 100 bucks on the redskins winning the Super Bowl, NFC Championship and NFC East. The payoff is too great not to...
I think he's just talking about the value of the prop bet. If we beat the giants on Monday (which he thinks will happen) the value goes way down, that's all.

By the way, everyone who's been talking about that article since it was released yesterday keeps missing this part of it:

4. Jason Campbell, Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich might make NFL teams rethink the value in having a veteran backup quarterback.

A veteran backup QB is, generally speaking, someone else’s failure. He’s someone another team decided it couldn’t win with. The QB is so important to an NFL team’s success that I now believe every team should draft a QB in the first three rounds every year.

A veteran who can digest an entire playbook is an asset to the offensive coordinator. Making life easy on the offensive coordinator is not the key to winning games in the NFL. Having someone who can make plays from under center is the key to winning games.

Mike Shanahan looks smart for drafting RG3 and Kirk Cousins.

And he's right there too (at least I think so). People were flipping out because we drafted Cousins, but the other option was to have Rex go in there when/if Griffin got hurt or needed a break for whatever reason.
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he wasnt though, it was Leftwitch who looked decent until he broke 3 of his ribs. and Im sorry, nobody in the league has a good 3rd string QB.

We did, now he's down in New Orleans as their backup...

FWIW we are getting noticed around the league. Latest yahoo power rankings have us at 14. Pretty sure we started the year in the high 20's

"......14. Washington Redskins (5-6)
Last week: 18

Absolutely love what Andrew Luck is doing in Indianapolis, but there's no doubt that the Offensive Rookie of the Year is Robert Griffin. In three games against the NFC East, Griffin has completed 54 of 71 pass attempts for 769 yards with 10 touchdowns, two interceptions and 27 rushing attempts for 202 yards. No wonder Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was left in awe of RGIII on Thanksgiving....."


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