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Jack Pardee passes away

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Oct 1, 2009
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A link to the George Allen era is gone. May God bless the Pardee family.
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April 1, 2013


"In his time both on the field and on the sideline, Jack Pardee will forever be a part of the Washington Redskins' legacy. He will be remembered not just as a linebacker for the 1972 NFC Champions, nor as just the coach for our franchise. He will be remembered as someone whose spirit truly embodied the values that we associate with the burgundy and gold. My thoughts - and the thoughts and well wishes of the entire Washington Redskins family - are with the Pardee family this evening."
yep, a lot of "the Pardee's over" chants/signage the year just before Gibbs came in.
sorry to hear. I enjoyed watching him play for Coach Allen. Always one of the smartest guys on the field.
This is very sad for me. I got the chance to meet him in 1972. He was very gracious. I was angry when he was fired. George Allen had left him with an aging team and few draft picks and he came within a point of winning the division in 1979. Not sure why he got all the blame in 1980 after Riggins decided to hold out the entire season. When Joe Gibbs replaced him in 1981, and eventually lost his first five games, I was hopping mad, claiming this wouldn't have happened with Pardee. Fortunately, things worked out. ;)

Pardee later became Jim Kelly's first professional Head Coach with the Houston Gamblers of the old USFL. In 1984, he coached the Gamblers to first place in the Western Conference but lost in the playoffs to George Allen's Arizona Wranglers. I always got a kick out of that.

RIP Jack. I'll never forget old Number 32.
Just watched the highlights from SB 7 and his play was absolutely fantastic. They used his speed to get in on the pulling lineman that Miami loved to use and stopped him in the backfield...freeing up the corner (Pat Fischer) to make the tackle on Cszonka on the edge. This play stifled Miami's offense for much of the 1st half.

I think he was not given a fair shot when he was coach, but then we wouldn't have had Gibbs, so...

God Bless the family...
RIP Jack. Thanks for being a great Redskin. On, and off the field.

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