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J. Campbell: The Kid Receivers Are Ready


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Jul 16, 2009
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J. Campbell: The Kid Receivers Are Ready
Quarterback Jason Campbell was making a point, so I shut up and listened. We were talking this week about the upcoming season and his opinion about the Skins' strengths and weaknesses.

While I was asking him a question about the uncertainty at wide receiver behind Santana Moss, Campbell cut me off mid-sentence.

"I think people are going to be surprised, real surprised," he said.

From the tone of his voice, I knew he meant surprised in a positive way for the Skins and their fans. Now, I pride myself on keeping an open mind, but Washington's receiving corps was a major weakness last season.

With the exception of Santana Moss, Campbell had no viable downfield options. Antwaan Randle El is coming off a down year, and wideouts Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly were disappointing as rookies. Thomas had maturity/professionalism issues, and Kelly's knee problem, which the Skins were aware of when they drafted him, was disruptive all season.

So when Campbell began talking about expecting big things from the entire group, well, I was more than a little surprised -- and not surprised in the way he meant.

But Campbell believes Thomas and Kelly "are ready for us to count on them and really help us. They're ready for us to lean on them. I'm saying that because of what I've seen from them" in workouts.

Campbell worked closely with Thomas, Kelly and tight end Fred Davis, also entering his second season, during the offseason. He organized many throwing sessions in which the three 2008 second-round draft picks showed him a lot.

"You could just see the development and the improvement," Campbell said. "You could see the change in their approach and their understanding about the game. With Devin, he's going into his second year in the league and I think he's getting some things figured out. And Malcolm ... the key with Malcolm is just to keep him on the field and keep that knee right.

First-year WRs rarely make an impact - it was pretty foolish of people to expect a lot of production from them last year. Now, if they struggle again this year, the naysayers will have some ground to stand on...
No significant impact is one thing jrock, near total invisibility is quite another. Those three guys together (21 catches for 165 yards, 0 TDs) didn't have what I would call a decent rookie year.

I really hope Campbell is correct and it isn't just wishful thinking on his part but these 3 had a long way to go even for rookies.
I really hope Campbell is correct and it isn't just wishful thinking on his part but these 3 had a long way to go even for rookies.

Guess we'll know soon enough..... and there's few options if they flounder again. Much of our season rides on these three sophomores.
I'll believe in Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas when I see them actually perform. Until then, I'll remain suspect.

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