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It Wasn't All Bad - Just Mostly


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Aug 1, 2009
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As I sat watching Jason Campbell interview on the Post Game Show, I began to review this season. It was awful! As I stated in another thread, this season was the worst I have ever experienced as fan.

Is there anything you can remember that was good about this season?

I have a few to mention.

1. The emergence of Fred Davis -This kid dropped a number of passes and he has a lot more to work on, but he has definitely shown worth as a 2nd round pick. Pro-Bowl potential has been thrown around referring to this kid. I will throw D. Thomas in here as well because he has shown he can be a good #2 receiver in this league.

2. Brian Orakpo and our pass rush - It has a lot of room for improvement, but it is leaps and bounds above where we were just a year ago, in large part due to the play of Big Al.

3. Jason Campbell - I was one of his biggest proponents early on. Throughout his career, I have not felt he is worth anything he was given here in DC, money or the chance to start. I am convinced that this kid is not an elite or great QB and does not possess the "mental capacity" (ability to read defenses and make quick adjustments) to be anything other than a middle of the road QB in the NFL. But this kid has guts! He is tough as nails and regardless of his inabilities in some respects, the kid deserves credit for his heart! I wish there were more with his desire to play!

Feel free to give some of your better memories of this season. It will be a long off-season after a terrible year and much focus will be placed on the bad. I figured we could try to find a glimmer of hope with some of the guys we do have.
Man, I've turned into such a pessimist I'm scaring even myself.

When I think of Fred Davis, I think of how we spent a second round pick on the guy even though we had a pro-bowler at the position. I think it's great that he panned out. But of all the spots in the universe to have depth, I would put TE at the bottom. Well, maybe above kicker. Davis' emergence probably means either Davis or Cooley will be traded in the offseason. No team can afford to have to top-notch TEs on the roster, especially when there are holes all over the rest of the team.

And when I think of Brian Orakpo, I think of how he played out of position the entire season. I am THRILLED he's as good as billed. Hopefully the next coach will put him where he's supposed to be.

Anyway, sorry. Uh, it was nice thrashing Oakland. :)
The double fake field goal. With a twist. I'l remember that for a long time
It felt like Norv Turner's Redskins all over again, but in these games less.

There was little discipline, and a great deal of failure in execution.
Sure, there were a few good moments, but the season was clearly over once we lost to the Lions.

It's been generally down hill until the Falcons game.....got slightly better for a few weeks and then we hit rock bottom starting with Giants game 2.
The emergence of Hunter Smith as a real offensive weapon

The (most likely) end of the Blache era as our defensive coordinator

The firing of Vinny Cerrato

That's all I got...
Had Suisham made that gimme, we'd all be talking about the Nawlins game as the high point of the season.

Now all we got is Rak, Hunter the Running/Throwing Punter, Sleepy and smashing the Raiders.
hmm, all i can remember is 4-12, but i guess that qualifies as a good thing from a draft perspective :betterwink2:
Man, we truly have been soured! I tried to make a thread to look at the positive, but it looks like most of us really have become pessimists.

Big Mike, help a brother out! Bring some of your optimism!
Sorry. My bad.

I will say this: I was at a Steeler bar during the Steeler/Dolphin game yesterday and we have a MUCH better fight song. :D
I just can't believe we're beyond repair. I want to believe Allen is going to put us on the right path; but at the same time, I don't want to get my hopes up. I do every year, just to get disappointed.

Please, Mr. Allen...help us return to greatness.
I think the team showed some periods of, at least, mediocrity.

I think the series of admittedly heartbreaking, last-minute, losses @ Dallas, @ Philly, and NO, showed a pretty good team.

We knew the season was over. It had been over for over a month. We all knew that the coach's pink slip was already in the mail.

But the team, including a collection of benchwarmers pressed into playing, showed up, and played really, really, hard. For an example of the spirit they showed, I seem to remembering the number of opposing players we injured.

And I still fondly remember the game @ Dallas, a year ago. I think that was the finest, most hard-fought game I can ever remember seeing. That game made me believe in The Rivalry again. IMO, that game was played between two teams who were both worthy of the Super Bowl, and who seriously didn't like each other.

That's what I'll mostly remember of The Zorn Era: At times, I thought we were considerably better than a lot of outsiders think of us. But they didn't sustain those heights. (And, let's face it, there were some stretches of real suckitude, too. Like managing to open our season with a schedule that featured five "oh-fer" teams in a row, and going 2-3 against them.)

Not saying I'm gonna miss The Zorn Days. I might even rate him below Norv.

But there were some good times.
The bright side has to be the re-emergance of an actual pass rush... We actually tied for eighth. Imagine if we had an offensive capable enough to put opposing teams into obvious passing situations like we were able to do versus the Raiders. We also some some glimpses of this in the Saints game against a good offensive line with an even better quarterback. We weren't able to tally multiple sacks, but the pressure was there.

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