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It was so hot in Houston on Sunday...

Lanky Livingston

A highway on-ramp BUCKLED due to the heat.


Its no hurricane, but the heat-wave & drought here are pretty damn serious. The city is already on mandatory water-restrictions, and they are urging people to conserve power to avoid rolling blackouts.

Sunday was the hottest day on record in Houston history! 109 degrees...it was HOT. The best part was helping my buddy change his tire, because it lost the bead due to the heat. The thing just exhaled all the air as we were driving.
I feel for y'all, brother. We've had more than our share of 100+ degree days out here this year too, and it absolutely SUCKS!! Especially when you start having infrastructure and water table issues because of it. We've been fortunate in that regard, and I sure as hell hope things get better out there.
76 degrees here and it looks as if that will be the high for today. Nice? Yes.

However, there are numerous trees down and I've been listening to chain saws in the distance all day. This entire region has many closed roads due to flooding. I can use only one of the four main road arteries that leads out of this area. By Saturday, all roads should be opened.

After thinking about it - I'll take the inconveniences and that 76 degree temp. Over the next ten days, the warmest temp forecast I've seen is 81 early next week. I'll take it.
We've had 35 straight 100+ days now - shattering the previous record of 14. It has been quite a miserable summer. :(
The day I moved to NC, this happened in the town I live in. I had never heard of such a thing before that.
The day I moved to NC, this happened in the town I live in. I had never heard of such a thing before that.

Yeah, its pretty ridiculous! Kinda makes me a little wary of taking on-ramps, because the heat is so bad! Don't know if anyone here has been to Houston, but they have some MASSIVE on-ramps - the city planners did not do a good job, and just kept piling more roads into the city. So where they didn't have room, they went UP. The tallest interchanges (highway to highway) have got to be around 100 feet in the air...could be pretty ugly if something were to happen.


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