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Is danny even thinking this?


Hadn't heard a thing about this, although it wouldn't shock me



Fantasy: Regardless of who is Washington's head coach in 2010, Redskins owner Dan Snyder rolls the dice and tells general manager VInny Cerato to trade for Quinn. The move lights a fire under embattled Redskins starter Jason Campbell and gives the franchise hope that Quinn can develop further and become a starter -- something that isn't happening right now in Cleveland.

Reality: Snyder doesn't make the move, especially with Zorn a likely goner in 2010. Understandably, Snyder wouldn't want to saddle the new head coach with a quarterback they aren't necessarily sold on. I don't get the feeling that Mangini is eager to reinsert Quinn with the first-team offense after a rough stretch to open the season. Proof: Derek Anderson remains the starter despite a 2-for-17 passing performance in last Sunday's 6-3 win over Buffalo.
If the new HC turns out to be Gruden, who, from what I've been reading, is o.k. with letting personnel selection remain in it's current hands-I could see a scenario like this play out-it's at least plausible in my view.
Sarge, you've got an extra word in your title.
We replaced our coordinators without knowing who the head coach was, so it would seem safe to assume they would have no problem doing the same thing with the quarterback as well.

That said, I think there's around 11 million reasons why Quinn isn't going anywhere.
So, you are going to trade one former #1 pick who is struggling to prove he is NFL starter material in Campbell for another player with much the same profile? :)

Why is Brady Quinn the answer here for the future?

Assuming Shanahan or Gruden comes here in 2010 and keeps running a version of the WCO, are we better off with Quinn or drafting a quarterback in the top 10?
If the announcement comes that we have acquired Quinn in a trade for a 2nd and 4th next year it's time to head up to the bell tower.
If the Browns cut Quinn and whomever the new head coach is wants him, then great.

Of course I said cut and not trade......the Redskins look like they'll be getting a pick around #5 at this point. They would be insane to trade for Quinn who has shown nothing in the NFL and has limited arm strength.

I would assume that Campbell will be gone after this year.
Collins will be probably gone unless the new HC feels like it may be good to have a savy vet on the team.

I also think that Colt will either be gone or will be a Training camp casualty, since Colt is really Zorn's draft pick and not the new HC's guy.

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