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Welcome to BGO, ladies and gentlemen.

To those of you who already know us, good to see you.

To those who have no idea who we are, or what you may be about to get yourselves into, our apologies.

And to all of you, please feel free to make your introductions here. Tell us as much or as little as you wish, and don't be shy about sharing how you came to your own burgundy and gold obsessions.

Hail, and well met.
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You can read a little info about me in the 'About Us' section, but more important than the demographics, I'm a Redskin's fan, and I'm obsessed. They don't have a 12 step program for that, and if they did, I'd refuse to participate :) I hate Dallas, the Giants, the Eagles - hell, I still hate the CARDINALS - just because I can. I grew up in Northern Virginia and spent most of my life there. I don't know when my obsession with the Skins started, but every Sunday from September to January, the old black and white TV was tuned to the Redskins game. It didn't take long before I was hooked.

When Mark Steven (Om) and I first began talking about starting this site - the first question was 'why?'. What would we do that many other Redskins-related sites hadn't already done? The answer to that is more like trying to describe the smell of a really incredible steak on the grill, the look of a young girl walking along the surfline and tossing her hair on a Summer day, or the feeling you get watching Mark Brunell throw the 2nd TD in 5 minutes to defeat a hated rival on MNF - hard to put into words. But we wanted to create a place all of our own, where fellow Burgundy and Gold-obsessed fans of like mind and kindred spirit might gather, where discussions could be passionate, but generous and respectful too. We've seen glimpses of such a place before, and we wanted it back. So we decided the only way to achieve such a space on the interwebs was to build it ourselves. So we found a couple of other special guys to join us on the journey, and we got to work building our little corner of internet redskins-obsessed heaven.

'If you build it....they will come....'

We sure as hell hope so. Community, especially community engrossed and engaged in a like passion, can be a powerful and special thing. We hope to build and attract that special community here.

So that's my introduction. I'm a Dad, a son, a husband, a boss, a former Marine, a wannabe writer and blogger, a beermaker, and a cyclist.

And I am one obsessed Washington Redskin's fan.

It's damn good to meet you :cheers:
Bravo gentlemen! :claps:

This place looks amazing!

EDIT: How rude of me, forgot to introduce myself.

Aston Gambino
, current high score holder in 3D Field Goal Pro. A pleasure to meet all of you. :)
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Hi guys!

This looks really great and I am excited to see where this will lead!

Congrats on all the hard work!
Great looking site guys. It looks to be well worth the wait.

Now who's handing out the cigars? And who gets to stay up all night with it when it won't stop crying? :cool4:
I've been looking forward to the threat of this coming true for quite a while.

Let's get this party started. :)
Here I am! What are we talking about?
Welcome one and all. Poking around here like a proud papa. Cigars, indeed. :)
Welcome one and all. Poking around here like a proud papa. Cigars, indeed. :)

And since you did a good deal more work than your average papa does with bringing a child into this world, I would say you have a right to be proud.
Here I am! What are we talking about?

Well, we were talking about you handsome, but guess we'll introduce ourselves instead now :)
O.K., I'll officially announce I'm hangin' around these here parts-now that it's here-and I must say, again, nice job guys, nice job indeed.:claps:
Hello everybody, nice to see you all.

Something tells me I am going to be spending a lot of time here.
Excited to have yet another place to lurk about during a slow work day!
Gents & Ladies!

Greetings, salutations and HAIL!

It's great to be here. Congratulations and Thanks you to all those that have made this site a reality - you've done a GREAT job setting it up!

As with most, I'm a born and bred Skins fan that was taught the words to Hail to the Redskins years before I really even understood what a football or touchdown actually was.

I'm a Soldier and I too share the obsession as evidenced by driving from the North Shore of Oahu to Honolulu at approx 0500 or 0600 (depending on mainland daylight savings) just to watch Norv win 3 games or illegally pilfering some comms gear in Afghanistan to watch a Browns Dolphins game just so I could keep track of the running scores across the top of the screen to keep updated on our beloved Burgandy and Gold! Kickoff for that game was about 0200 local!

I see old friends from other sites and am happy to know the quality of these postings and thoughts will be more important than the quantity! WOO HOO!

Having said that.........I'm out. Great to be here and thanks again to those responsible for pulling this all together!


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