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Introducing: BG Overdrive




BGO is proud and excited to announce the launch of a new feature; one unlike anything we believe you will find elsewhere on the web:

BG Overdrive, The Voice of BGO, is a blog that will publish, by acclamation, the best posts written by the best Redskins fans on the planet. At BGO we believe there is no more insightful, devoted, rational and respectful a gathering of Redskins fans to be found, and we wanted to find a way to feature and celebrate their contributions.

We hope you will find our solution worthy.

Here's how it works:

When a BGO member runs across a Redskins-related post that is particularly insightful, intelligent or entertaining, and believes it is worthy of publication to BG Overdrive, he/she can nominate it by clicking the "Blog It" button:

The nomination will be automatically tabulated, and the button will update to reflect "1 Vote:"

When a second BGO member reads the post and also finds it worthy of BG Overdrive, he/she can cast a second vote by clicking the "1 Vote" button. The vote will be automatically tabulated and the button will update to reflect "2 Votes:"

When a third BGO member reads the post, and casts a vote to publish it by clicking the "2 Votes" button, that third and deciding vote will automatically publish the post to BG Overdrive, and the following will occur:

1) The voting button will update to reflect that the post has been "Blogged."
2) The author of the post will be credited by having "Published Posts: X" appear under his user name:

And most importantly, the post will be automatically published to BG Overdrive. Every member post published to BG Overdrive will reflect the following information:

1) the user name of the BGO member who cast the deciding vote
2) the user name of the author of the published post
3) a link to the thread in which the post appears

In addition, the blog's RSS feed will pick up the entry and automatically update the dedicated BG Overdrive module on BGO's home page:

FAQ & Guidelines

The rules and guidelines for BG Overdrive are few, simple and, we hope, intuitive. As the BGO membership grows and BG Overdrive evolves, we will update and refine these procedures as appropriate.

- Members may not nominate their own posts.

- Members may only vote for any given post once.

- Three total votes are required to automatically publish a post.

- Posts should be nominated based on Redskins-related insight, intelligence, articulation and entertainment. Please do not nominate posts that are profane, one-liners, or non-football related.

- BGO will track, celebrate and reward the most-published BG Overdrive authors. *

- BGO Staff reserves editorial rights to edit/remove published posts for ethical, legal or other reasons.

The floor is yours, ladies and gentlemen.

Hail and good writing!

* reward/prizes to be determined


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