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Insights from Bruce Allen


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It's interesting, and notably unusual, to see what looks like a strategy in operation in the Redskins F.O. It's encouraging and also disorienting simply because it's something I, nor I think, many Skins fans are accustomed to.

I came across a piece in Bleacher Report containing an unusual amount of information from Bruce Allen on how the Redskins plan to work FA when it becomes available-and insights into how the draft was done as an actual component of what appears to be a coherent strategy.

A "plan?" This may take some getting used to.

Washington Redskins: Aggressive Draft Sets Blueprint for Aggressive Free Agency
By Barry Barnes (Contributor) on May 24, 2011

The Washington Redskins worked some unexpected magic on draft day, doubling their original total of six draft picks to end up with 12 selections.

Based on their aggressive draft, the Redskins’ seem to be adopting a blueprint for making this storied franchise a winner sooner rather than later. Now that the draft is over, the Redskins are shifting this aggressive mentality to focus on the free-agent market.

“The key was getting a dozen players that we feel are going to add an energy to each position on our football team,” said Redskins general manager George Allen, according to Redskins.com. “We added some talented players who are going to be hungry to compete, not only for roster spots but also for playing time.

"When free agency arrives, we have a game plan in place,” he continued. “We think we can add players to all positions to add to the competition.”

The Redskins were able to address many areas of need through the draft, potentially adding at least two starters to their lineup.

“Our coaches are itching to get the rookies on the field and help them develop into the players we want them to be,” said Allen. “Let them learn what Redskins football is, and as soon as we can do that, the better.”

The Redskins could start making moves in free agency as soon as the owners and the NFL Players Association reach an agreement ending the current lockout. The Burgundy and Gold could start signing players as early as June 3, if the court decides to lift the lockout permanently after hearing appeals from the owners.

Once considered the NFL's ATM machine for signing players to massive, undeserved contracts, the Redskins have apparently learned their lesson. Allen and head coach Mike Shanahan have stressed the need to build through substance to fill needs, rather than chase after big names.

“The question was, were we capable of it,” Allen told CSNWashington. “And, yes, we are capable of it. We’ve identified what we want to do in free agency, and as soon as they get a collective bargaining agreement, we’ll proceed with our plan...I think the draft is our statement of our game plan. We added 12 players who are going to infuse youth into every position on our team.”

Before the lockout, the Redskins signed safety Oshiomogho Atogwe. Paired with safety LaRon Landry, rookie safety DeJon Gomes, Chris Horton, Kareem Moore, Reed Doughty, and Macho Harris, Atogwe has helped solidify Washington’s secondary into the team’s best unit.

The balance of the article is an op-ed by Barry Barnes on players he thinks the Redskins should consider.

Article link:http://bleacherreport.com/articles/711355-washington-redskins-an-aggressive-draft-sets-blueprint-for-aggressive-signings

FA could be really interesting this year.
i hope we dont go all big for 2 reasons.

1, it never works for us.

and 2, i just want to hear all the complaining from the normal people on here when we dont. thats reason enough right there.

we have normal people at BGO?!!!!......
Besides NT and QB, you can bet OL will be a priority. I have a feeling we'll make a run at Asomugha as well but I don't think we'll get him.

In that short window where the lockout was lifted, I have a feeling Bruce Allen had a phone to each ear. There may even be deals already in place pending a new CBA or the lockout being lifted (where we play under 2010 rules). I'm not talking about the "big-splash" deal. I mean the ones that make sense, help build the team and we don't break the bank.
As I said in the other thread, we are going to be VERY active in FA - when it finally arrives.

I agree with Jimbo - we will make a run at Aso, but we are done with the outrageous contracts imho.

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