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Insider reports-and thanks for the updates


The 1st Round Pick
Jul 16, 2009
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I needed to buy my daughter a bike so I missed most of the game. The observations from the site were great. Several articles from insider.

Suisham vs. Rayner: Is One Kicker Ahead?
The other day, I wrote that I expected place kicker Shaun Suisham to emerge victorious in his battle with Dave Rayner.

I acknowledged that I did not have a great feel for that position battle, so I watched more closely last night. Rayner showed a good leg on kickoffs and converted a 25-yard field goal. I wasn't as impressed with Suisham, who missed a potential go-ahead 52-yard field goal late in the game.

"That comes into the weighing of that competition. No question about that," Coach Jim Zorn said. "Every kick is hugely important. I think these guys know. ... The 52-yard field goal, you know, it's a factor."

Although Suisham struggled last season, I thought the coaching staff's familiarity with him would provide the edge in the competition. Now, I'm not so sure. With only one preseason game left, Suisham probably needs a really good performance Thursday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Sellers Apologizes, Explains Pregame Report
Michael Pehanich, Zack Bolno's No. 2 guy and a Mountaineer, entered the press room today as usual to escort us to Jim Zorn's weekly day-after-the-game rap session.

On this occasion, however, Mike asked that we accompany him to the main building a tad early because fullback Mike Sellers wanted to address the media before Zorn. Sellers is among the Redskins' biggest locker room clowns, the cat always has jokes, so I immediately asked Mike if this was a joke, or would it lead to something that made me uncomfortable to witness.

Marko Mitchell's Play Keeps Him in the Mix
Technically, there are still five players battling for the Redskins' fifth receiver spot -- Keith Eloi, D.J. Hackett, Marques Hagans, Marko Mitchell and Trent Shelton. Four of those players have combined for six preseason catches. The fifth, Mitchell, has five receptions by himself, including a pair of touchdowns. Has the seventh-round draft pick from Nevada separated himself?

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