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Inside the NFL


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Mar 30, 2010
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Columbus, OH

Showtime has taken over the reigns of this show after HBO did a masterful job of it for several decades. Much has stayed the same but some of it has changed enough to warrant complaint. One thing that's changed is you don't get a full highlight breakdown of each game like we used to. Consequently some games get no mention at all or have a whopping one play shown for their highlight reel.

I know the net has changed EVERYTHING but I still look forward to this show. How irksome when you watch the whole show waiting for some freakin praise of your team only to get shafted with a 15 second blurb given while one play is shown.

TV highlight and pregame shows are just pure crap these days, what a disappointment. I used to love doing pre and post game between the games and to both prime and cap off the day. I have zero interest anymore. I blame MTV, TV is just ruined.

Hog Fever

Vescere bracis meis
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Jul 15, 2009
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Bryson City, NC

The only show of that type that I can tolerate is Edge NFL Match-up and I don’t make any special effort to catch it. All of the other shows I just can’t watch. I don’t want to see the human interest pieces, I don’t want to hear the “playful banter” and I don’t want to see the predictions. All I want to see on Sunday is football. I barely can stand the 15 minutes of the halftime show.

I’m such a sour puss that I used to listen to the radio play by play and watch TV without the sound. The audio/video sync is so far off now (thank you Janet Jackson) that I haven’t done that very often in recent years. I need to look into a solution for that one.

The net has changed everything for the better. Now I don’t have to sit through an insufferable hour of Chris Berman’s jabbering just so see the 30 seconds of Skins' info or hear the latest “Terry Bradshaw is dumb” joke. All the info I could ask for is available online, instantly and from several sources. Those shows are a huge waste of time.

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