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Injuries to Montgomery and Polumbus


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Jul 19, 2009
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Bethesda Md
We lost 2 OL today for as yet undetermined number of weeks.

I wonder if we are finally going to see #3 pick Josh LeRibeus active and performing at center in next week's game?

Or is it more likely to see Lichtensteiger switch to center and Hurt to play LG?

Black looks like the starter for Polumbus. At least the guy now looks as if he is around 295 or so. When he was 270 in the preseason I had my eyes closed when he was on the field.
Is it a "definite" that these guys are both going to miss some time?
Is it a "definite" that these guys are both going to miss some time?

i believe Polumbus suffered a concussion... which it's a shot in the dark as far as recovery, and Montgomery gets an MRI tomorrow i believe.. but early reports say it's not a tear.

At least thats what i heard from Shanny in his post game presser
Strained MCL is what I saw reported...
Have RG3 go over and touch it. Then it will be an LCL injury at worse.
Strained mcl is a pretty mild injury. I would not be surprised if he misses little or no time...
Any chance it could be Compton ? Or at least an upgrade to the 53 man roster for Compton ?

They brought Compton up a week or two ago. :)

Montgomery will be fine, and Turnstyler Polumbus (h/t Dead Money) should have been benched months ago.
Or is it more likely to see Lichtensteiger switch to center and Hurt to play LG?

Isn't that what we did yesterday?

I'm thinking that makes the most sense seeing as how Hurt filled in last year and wasn't terrible.
Actually, until yesterday I think all five starters played every game this year. That's pretty huge. That's another reason I'd keep Hurt in there. He's already got experience playing alongside these guys.
Blerg. Time to jump off the Jordan Black train:

Washington Redskins offensive tackle Jordan Black has been suspended for four games for violating the NFL's policy on performance enhancing substances, the league announced Monday.

Black's suspension is without pay and will begin immediately.

Black will be eligible to return to the Redskins' active roster the day after the fourth regular-season or postseason game of his suspension.

The Black sitch stinks something awful. I didn't see monty go out just turnstyler until I saw moe hurts jersey on camera later on. That's a good thing right?

These guys have been playing well for what they are. All we can do is hope the depth is what it's supposed to be.
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we will probably go with hurt at RT, Leribeus at G and lick at center, anyway, it will show us what we have in leribeus, if anything. Monty out is huge as I think he has been playing the best football of his career.

Is it for sure that Monty is out?
I thought the general consensus was that Monty's knee wasn't bad at all. The full story will come out tomorrow though, so I guess we'll see.
Ha! - I've been playing through one for twenty years now. ;)
Grade 2 MCL sprain for Monty, Shanahan thinks he can go. He was full-go today in practice, so that's promising.

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