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information on free agents


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Jul 16, 2009
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Here is a list by position

Jahri Evans, New Orleans Saints (27)
Jahri Evans is continuing to grade out as the team’s best run-blocking linemen week after week. The Saints have done a nice job of efficiently running the ball through the middle and on the right side of the line. His continual high level of play and positive, team-first attitude should translate to a high-end offensive guard contract at year’s end. Expect the Saints, who have nothing but positive things to say towards Evans, to richly reward him for his hard work and production.

Logan Mankins, New England Patriots (28)
Logan Mankins has been a very consistent player for the Patriots since he was drafted, starting all 77 games. That type of consistency is difficult to match, but with free agency inflating the value of offensive guards, the Patriots may end up letting him walk if the price isn’t right. They drafted a couple interior linemen last year and have to use some of their free money to re-sign other players. From what Mankins has said, he wants to stay on this winning franchise, but he could be one of the top players available next offseason.

Marcus McNeill, San Diego Chargers (26)
McNeill isn’t playing at an elite level this year, but is still an above average left tackle. He’s one of the “bigger” names at the left tackle position thanks to his spectacular and deservedly-hyped rookie season. McNeill has also been undercompensated the last few years playing on his rookie contract as a 2nd round pick, which may incline him to ask for more money than he “deserves.” Any of the Chargers could feasibly be had this offseason and McNeill is no different, but with some of the offensive line woes of the Chargers, McNeill may be one of their top priorities. His long-term neck and back problems could be in the back of the team’s mind as well.

Willie Colon, Pittsburgh Steelers (27)
After catching a lot of heat after last season’s wildly inconsistent performance, Willie Colon has done a fine job at right tackle for the Steelers. He’s done a nice job keeping Roethlisberger clean and turned in one of the better seasons for a right tackle in pass protections this year. Though Colon hasn’t been able to blow people off the snap in run-blocking, he’s done an average job for a line that has done a nice job allowing Mendenhall to become a good, young runner.

Jared Gaither, Baltimore Ravens (24) – Restricted FA

It's kind of difficult to take this site too seriously when they have Jon Jansen listed on the Washington Redskins. Not to mention, unless there was an extension I don't know about, Winston Justice made the Pro-Bowl and he is listed as a FA on every other site I have seen.
I *thought* Philly extended Justice this offseason, but I could be making that up. I remember thinking, WTF he is awful. Lol.
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