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In switch to 3-4 defense, Redskins might look within for nose tackle


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Jul 16, 2009
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The deadline for teams to use franchise or transition tags on players is later this afternoon. Six teams have tagged players so far, and of that group, three players are nose tackles. Plus, Pittsburgh locked up its nose tackle, Casey Hampton, to a multi-year deal today.

As more teams shift to 3-4 defenses, the nose tackle position is as important as ever.

The Redskins are expected to make the change, too, which means they'll soon have to decide exactly how they want to fill that giant hole in the middle of the defensive line. Talking to others who are familiar with the 3-4, it'd seem the nose tackle position could be one of the biggest offseason decisions the new Redskins' coaching staff has to

"A base 3-4, the nose is very, very important. It sets up the whole interior there," said San Francisco general manager Scot McCloughan.

It's a tough spot to fill because 3-4 defenses are a rarity at the college level. Plus, the nose tackle is as demanding as any position on the field.

"Power, play at the point, take on a double team and just do the dirty work all day," McCloughan said. "The thing I've realized the last couple of years, it's the instincts, the blocking instincts. What you're doing, you're not going to be dynamic. If you are, there are two or three in the league."


Here's the problem:

Outside of Haynesworth the Redskins really don't have anyone inside that can play nose tackle.

Those that are pushing Anthony Montgomery might want to look back on why he didn't start many games in 2009.

Despite his size he is soft at the point of attack and teams can run on him. And that's in the 4-3.

Golston is only 295-300, I don't see him as a tackle in the 3-4.

Griffin? He's 33 and has ended up on the injured list 2 of the past 3 seasons.

With all the changes that are necessary on offense I really don't see the need to completely overhaul a defense that was solid in 2009.

The Redskins simply lack the draft picks and potential free agent selections in a down year to carry both transitions off at once.
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Is this the infamous "Bulldog" from ES?

I agree with everything you'd said.

But I want to add this.

I believe the Skins D players OUTPLAYED their coaching. Meaning, I think Blatche rarely put them in a position to succeed...and usually I think he called the wrong plays over and over at the end of games.

That doesn't mean there is a NT on this roster. It just means I don't trust what I've seen until a few other coaches take a look at these guys.

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