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In defense of Haynesworth

I'm 50/50 on this one.

Get rid of him? Nooooooooooo

But for the money he got, at the very least I'd expect is ass to be in shape and to play a lot more then he has.

Hopefully the next coach will correct that situation.

OTOH, what really is the difference between him and CP running his mouth? Or anyone else for that matter?

THere's no denying he's been a game changer when he's in, and ultimatey that's why he was brought in
As you wrote: "You know when Albert is in the game and when he isn’t". How many times have we had free agents who we signed and then didn't use properly? Why pay the DBs we have now the kind of money we do and then ask them to play zone, or give a 12 yard cushion? Why do we have Haynesworth lining up a DE? Why did we draft a DE and move him to LB? Why do we insist on playing Landry out of position?

I think under the right guidance our defense could be a lot better than it is. The stats say we are 11th overall in team defense but in this case the stats lie. When other teams need to move the ball on us, they can. We have the players to be top 5 or better. That's not just blind fan speak either. I'd put our overall talent on par with anyone in the league.

The right defensive coach would work wonders. No need to blow everything up. Just a tweak here and there and the proper utilization of what we have will be all we need.
Let me just say up front, I am in agreement with this article except for one thing. Although Haynesworth made some nice stops on stupid play calls by the Cowgirls (You don't try to spread the D and the run right at our tackles on 4th and 1), what I saw live last night was a different Big Al than I have seen all season.

This was my 5th game attended this year and usually I DVR the games so I can watch them again when I get home. Last night I saw Big Al give up a little on some play and get knocked around a little on others. On a few different occasions, I watched him walk to the sidelines barely getting off the field before the next play. Agreed, there were a couple of nice plays to stop them on 3rd and 4th and short, but last night he was not the same player I have seen much of the season.
If Albert is serious and wants to be considered on the level of Reggie White:

then he needs to be in shape......
he needs to quit with the flopping.....

and he needs to be a leader.

He does that and he could be a true legendary player.
I side with Albert on this one. He was promised one thing, and then told another once he signed...the ol' bait and switch. If someone did this to any of you, you'd be pissed beyond belief...I bet its happened to at least one of us. Christ, Sarge would probably firebomb the place. :laugh:
I agree with the article, if he's used properly, he will cause bigger problems than what he does now.

Hell, I'd hate to see our team without him because even though we still get run on decently, without him, God it could be much uglier.
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On this team there is more than enough blame to go around.

First, Haynesworth needs to be in top physical shape and practice every day, unless a legit injury.

The Coaches (Blache and Zorn) need to use him with the talent he brings. Don't try to put a round peg in square hole. We did same thing with Jason Taylor.

Coaches are to blame for not using the players and their talents correctly. (see Orakpo as LB) The coaches should have from the beginning required all players to be in shape and practice. Seems a select few ran things the way they wanted.

Don't know if Zorn was too medium, lacked the authority needed, or a combination of the two.

The new Coach needs to come in with mindset that this is his team. He needs to tell them something my father told me years ago. Dad said, "There is a right way, a wrong way, and the Riggins way." Point is right or wrong we did it his way.
Don't know if Zorn was too medium, lacked the authority needed, or a combination of the two.

There's an old military axiom that good leaders go by when they step into a new unit; It's much better to come in and be a dick, then ease up if it's warrented, than it is to come in as Mr Happy Go Lucky and then have to turn into a dick if people aren't squared away.

The new coach needs to come in here and crack some skulls. Maybe not quite as bad as Shotty, but pretty close.
Nice quote from the Post

Albert Haynesworth was asked if he thought, because he is one of the highest-paid players in the league, that he should take a leadership role. "A contract don't make you, as far as leadership. I've never beeen a guy that wants to talk or get in front of the team and say whatever. That's not me. I just like to play the game and do that. I'm not the kind of guy who wants to hype up people and all that stuff. I'm not sure. I don't even want to be a captain and go out there in the middle for the coin toss because the other team is the enemy."

Washington Post

Maybe it's time for Fat Al Butterworth to earn some money.

I think if I were the danny, I'd have a little side conversation with this dude, something like "I'm paying you an assload of money and so far I ain't seeing a return"

I think I'd also remind him next year looks like an uncappped year
An uncapped year does not scare a guy who is guaranteed $41 Million, Sarge. It just means another payday somewhere else.

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