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I have a $1000 or so to spend on a TV. Talk to me:)


Like the title says, I'm ready to join the 21st century. I've been loath to buy a flat screen over the years because military movers aren't exactly known for their sensitive touch while throwing stuff on the back of the moving truck.

Anyway, I was in Wally World and saw this


Supposedly down from $1700

Personally, I would advise against buying any electronics from Walmart and similar stores. I've heard they take the crappy components and put them in Sony packaging so you think you're getting a good TV, but your TV is actually lower-quality than something you'd get at Sears or Best Buy.

I would talk to Slacky McSlackass on the other site (I think he's on here too maybe). He sells them for a living at Sears, and is pretty informative on the subject. He's posted in several threads like this over there.
Hmmmm. Hadn't heard that.

As for the "other site", I got banned by a Jumbo named douche over a year ago.

Maybe you coud give him a ring for me? It be great to hear from someone in the know
I can later on, I don't have access to the other site from work.
I've had a 42 Bravia for about two years now, and quite happy with the quality of picture. I got it at sears only because they were having a killer sale.

A customer of mine installs audio / video systems for the rich and shameless. He said if you're not big into name recognition, get a Vissio..........
Vissio? Or Vizio - they sell those at Costco for great prices.
I heard they were just as good as the big names in the smaller screens but are a bit behind in the bigger stuff
I've also heard good things about Vizio although I can't vouch for them personally. Dropping that kind of cash, I'd definitely take a look at Consumer Reports ratings. I don't think you can go wrong following their advice.
Or you could ask the BGO Oracle :)
Vissio? Or Vizio - they sell those at Costco for great prices.

Ya, that's the one LOL

No clue how to spell it. We have one in the showroom at the shop, and it seems to be pretty high qulity. It's also a 42.

Aren't they the official TV of the NFL at this point ?
Thanks for the link Om. Truth be told, I walked into Wally World and saw that Sony Bravia for $1100, supposedly down from $1700 and thought it was time to pull the trigger. Maybe one of my retirement checks will cover the bill.
I have a 42" Toshiba got from Best Buy about a year ago. Very pleased with the set. I was told that Vizio is good, but they burn out quickly.

Not an expert by any stetch of imagination. Everyone I talked to recommended Samsung, Sony, or Toshiba.

Cars I know, but TV's got to find help.
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The Sony is a very good TV Sarge. I bought a Sony HD Rear Projection TV from SAMs a few years back. The Sony model number for the TV was exclusive to SAMs/Walmart, but when I opened it, there was a big orange sheet of paper taped to the TV stating it was a SONY XXX model number. Nothing different about it. I prefer the Sony picture over the Samsung, the only two I'd consider. I'm about to but a 32" Sony XBR for the bedroom.
I highly recommend Vizio. I have a 42" plasma that's 3 years old and a 32" LCD that's 2 years old. Love them both. My roommate also has the 32". They come highly rated on many sites and are a great deal.

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