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I am terrified


Aug 29, 2009
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Newport News, Va.

Source: Redskins Show Interest in Weis

By Jamie Mottram | December 14, 2009

The following is a series of tweets from 106.7 the Fan Skins reporter Chris Russell:
I just got a very interesting call. Told acc. to a SOURCE that 2 teams have already expressed interest in former #Irish HC Charlie Weis…CR

The two teams that I have been told that have expressed some to poss. strong interest in bringing Charlie Weis in? #Redskins & #Broncos-CR

For those who don’t speak Twitter, someone is saying that Washington has shown interest in hiring Charlie Weis. For what, I don’t know.

The guy was an offensive coordinator for three Super Bowl champions, and he’s far more qualified for the HC job now than Jim Zorn was two years ago, but he comes with more baggage and a higher price tag. In other words, a typical Dan Snyder hire. And hiring Weis would also probably mean that they would draft Jimmy Clausen, whom they’ve scouted, and retain Vinny Cerrato, who is a Notre Dame man.

So, yeah, the extremely rare triple do not want. Do. Not. Want.

Charlie Weis? Jimmy Clausen? NOTRE DAME?!

Talk about a terrible trifecta. What has Notre Dame done over the last 10 years to make it seem like a good idea to make the Redskins Notre Dame south?
I don't believe that a person like Cerrato who is so high on ND would go and make Weis a HC offer after the mess he made up there.....

but this is the Redskins we're talking about, so who knows.

But the OC position, maybe.

Knowing the Skins they will again hire the OC before the HC and if the HC falls through, keep Zorn and have Weis as the OC......

possible. Maybe. Will happen.....no clue

"So are the Days of our Lives" (let the soap opera continue).:anonymous:

Of course every coach will be linked to the Skins......that's the way of things.
"Be afraid. Be very afraid."

I certainly have been tough on Snyder this season but one thing he's very good at is misdirection. With the exception of the Spurrier hire, every year we're in the market for a coach crazy rumors pop up about who we're going to hire and every year those rumors are wrong.

Snyder likes to have his people break the big stories, and because of this he doesn't tell the local media anything, which leads to a lot of speculation. It's one of the reasons the local media doesn't like him, because he repeatedly makes them look stupid for reporting rumors like this one.

Then again, with this front office anything's possible.
According to my sources Shanahan told Snyder he wants Weis to be his OC or it's no deal. He also asked for a DeLorean and John Elway's 1982 dorm room number.
According to my sources Shanahan told Snyder he wants Weis to be his OC or it's no deal. He also asked for a DeLorean and John Elway's 1982 dorm room number.


Perhaps they are floating a trial balloon of some sort to gauge reaction to Weis. I remember the name of Jim Fossil was widely circulated before Zorn was hired and the fan reaction was less than enthusiastic.

I can’t believe this team would go out and hire an offensive coordinator before they hired a new head coach……again. If you hire a coach to be responsible for the team winning or losing on Sunday you have to let him choose his generals.

If he’s in the running for Head Coach, I’m even more confused and disappointed than I’d be if he was hired as an OC. In his five years at ND he had exactly ZERO big wins. His best game was ALMOST beating USC a few years back. Come on, we can’t do better than this?

Let’s hope this is just (crazy) talk.
I would rather keep everything in place than to see this happen... If we are going to completely blow it up again, do not do it for this guy...
You have every right to be afraid. With Dan and Vinny running the show anything is possible.

This team lacks stability. Until the FO culture of constant turmoil changes then we can expect this every 2-3 years.
According to my sources Shanahan told Snyder he wants Weis to be his OC or it's no deal. He also asked for a DeLorean and John Elway's 1982 dorm room number.

Thats actually a great idea... Think about.

Why does he want Elway's 1982 Dorm room number? So he can go back in time to grab him and bring him to the Redskins! Brilliant!:new_idea:
Given our luck, Elway shows up, tells the league he's not signing with the Redskins and orchestrates a trade to Denver. Something about "having family there" or some bull****.

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