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How will Shanahan handle the "Harbaugh Handshake" ?

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Sep 28, 2010
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After the game, will Shanny be able to contain himself, when Harbaugh does his signature bouncy dance and slap on the back, unlike Coach Schwarz ??


Or will Shanny, just do HIS signature move - "The Shanahan Glare"


Will the players back him up like this ?

I'm laying money on a Shanahan Choke Slam.

I'm thinking Mike will just fart in his general direction. ;)
Well, it would be nice to see us get the W to see how **** Harbaugh gets, on the other hand, Shanny could just slide his leg out and let him fall on his face.
A win and seeing Shanny skip accross they field to give Harbaugh a huge slap on the back would be classic.
My chosen response would be for him to just stand-expressionless-and then just walk away slowly shaking his head.

Publicly displayed pity is one of the most devastating forms of disdain. :)
Harbaugh has no reason to be that excited when (oops...I mean "if") the 49ers beat us. It'll be the customary "g'game."
Harbaugh has no reason to be that excited when (oops...I mean "if") the 49ers beat us. It'll be the customary "g'game."

The tradition is for the winning coach to console the losing coach with a few short words that it's gonna get better, etc. I can imagine Shanny not reacting well to that actually, especially from a first year coach who has yet to experience any trials or setbacks.

Worth watching a little, anyway.
I actually see the Skins pulling off the upset. I live in 9er country and their fans are as snake bitten as we are. Certainly they are gaining confidence with each passing week. The passing game is a huge concern for both teams.
No doubt the 9ers have the edge on defense. So I'm guessing the handshake will be uneventful.

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