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How Healthy Are RG3 And Garçon Now?


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I'm interested to get everyone's opinions on just how healthy these two are heading into the John Mara Game tonight.

Is Garcon's foot back to 80%? Maybe 90%?

And has another week helped RG3's knee heal significantly? Or did playing him last week slow down his recovery?

At RG3's young age, I know recovery time is much better than say, someone my age.

What say you, BGO?
I suspect from Shanahan's comments that Griff's knee is better, not worse. I think the brace is mostly precautionary. Garcon? That's tougher to know, but I suspect he is well enough that it the foot won't significantly limit him.

I was concerned that Garcon's injury would haunt him all season long - but he appears to have figured out how to play through it. We need him to come up big tonight.
I would guess that Garçon's foot has now recovered all the way to being 90% of what it was before the injury. He's coming along well.

RG3 looked to be about 70% to me last weekend. I'm hoping the last week has allowed him to be at 85% tonight.
Garcon's injury is not something that heals until he can either have surgery or follow the RICE treatment, neither of which he can do currently. What they can do is help him limit the pain a bit and not overstress it.
RG3 still looks about 70-75% to me. I hope that improves quickly over the next few weeks.
RG3 still looks about 70-75% to me. I hope that improves quickly over the next few weeks.

I have to agree. He looked a bit off last night and I don't think that was the brace. He also took a few shots which made him look even gimpier. It's really gonna be tough to beat Seattle without being able to run at full speed.
We were commenting during the game that he never once made a cut. All straight line running and to get inside the pylon, he did that hop step onto his good wheel. I hope it starts getting better this week? Regardless you gotta imagine he's a tough kid, the way he is hobbled its gotta be painful right?

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