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Holmgren: Redskins’ treatment of Zorn was wrong

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Lanky Livingston

Anyone else get the impression that nobody is gonna coach us next year? We're going to be stuck promoting from within. What big-time coach is going to risk getting emasculated publicly like Zorn? I am pretty positive that Holmgren's opinion is also shared around the league, cause it was a messed up thing they did.

The bridge that was connecting Mike Holmgren to the Washington Redskins head coaching job, should it come open, might have been blown up on Monday. And Holmgren was the one holding the gasoline can in one hand and a burned match in the other.

On the “The Waddle and Silvy Show,” Holmgren was asked by the Chicago radio hosts, Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman, what he thought about the Redskins removing the play-calling duties from head coach Jim Zorn, who was Holmgren’s quarterbacks coach in Seattle.

“I thought it was very unfair to put him in the position. The position they put Jim in, it shouldn’t happen,” Holmgren said. “You can be upset with me as a play-caller or how the team’s going, (then) fire me. But don’t do that. Don’t pull the rug out from under me, tie my hands, make me look foolish … take away what I came there for to do in the first place. Don’t do that.”

He could be stra tee ger rizin', as GWB would say.

I suspect most coaches that are out there feel this way. And Lanky is right that a lot of them are probably going "Do I really want ot get myself into this?"

Knowing that, the danny is going to have to pay out the ass to get someone, anyone respectable in here. And any coach that does come is gonna say to the danny "You ain't doing that to me Turd Blossom. I want big bucks, and I want vinny gone, and I want it in writing that IF I come here, YOU butt out"

The danny is going to be treated like ass for a change. We'll see how he likes it
Sarge, we can pray for something like that to happen. It would be amazing.
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I think Snyder ought to coach the team himself.

Afterall, ten years of experience ruining, I mean running the franchise surely has prepared him for the job. Right?
The key question is, why? Why would any GM/coach with a pedigree want to work for Snyder? Even if he fires Vinny and steps away from personnel decisions, he's still going to want to at the very least negotiate the contracts which generally means we'll overpay. Plus, as with Marty there's no guarantee that he can actually keep out of things.

Finally and most importantly, who'd want to work for a worldclass phallus like Dan Snyder? So what if he's paying a boatload of $$$. There will be a lot of openings next offseason and most likely Snyder will be used to drive the offers up elsewhere. If another team not in Oakland is offering $5M per year and Snyder is offering $7M, is the extra couple of million bucks worth it? I seriously doubt it. If Snyder ends up doubling other offers, then he's probably just bought a coach that's going to only be here for the $$ and will just mail it in until he can get out.

I suspect Sherm is waiting with baited breath for all this to play out and the final number to be called. BINGO!!!
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Hey! Jim Fassel is still out there!

But seriously, Holmgren is 150% correct.

Seriously, Redskins, you're making the team look like fools.
Just remember that the guy ripping the Skins every week in 2000 ended up being the coach in 2001.

Money talks and then there is the ego factor - 'Snyder may do that to Zorn but he won't get away with that with me'.

There is a difference between Snyder and Davis that favors Washington.

Davis USED to be a quality personnel guy and as such had great success in the NFL. He is less likely than Snyder to throw his hands up and ask for help.
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