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HogsHaven: Former Skin Matt Bowen Addresses the FS Position

Lanky Livingston

SB Nation recently partnered with the National Football Post, so I pinged journalist, and former Redskins safety,Matt Bowen, some questions regarding the Free Safety position - a big concern of mine.

Hogs Haven: What are your thoughts on the Free Safety position? Can the Redskins survive this year with Kareem Moore as FS?

Matt Bowen: "The Skins may have to. I am not as worried about the free safety position as I am with Landry. I think it is essential that Haslett gets him down into the box. I love his aggressiveness, but it gets him into trouble when he is playing the middle of the field. Landry can be the type of safety who can make plays close to the line of scrimmage and be used in a wide variety of pressure schemes. Perfect spot for him where he should be able to matchup against any TE in the league."

Hogs Haven: You've played with Darren Sharper. Do you think at this point in his career he'd be a good player to bring in as a stop-gap, or do you see someone in the 2nd to mid rounds they could trade up for...any names specifically that would be a good fit?

Matt Bowen: "Darren is an ideal middle of the field safety, but he is only a fit for certain schemes. What he does for Gregg Williams down in New Orleans isn't going to fly in every huddle. He needs to be given a certain amount of freedom to freelance within the defense, which allows him to jump routes and get his hands on the football. I see him going back to NO."

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I refuse to believe that a veteran free safety that can help this team will not become available between now and the end of the preseason :)

It happens every year as the result of teams evaluating their draft picks against their vested veterans with high salaries.

If the Redskins sit patiently we can get Moore the reps in camp to be the backup and still pick up a veteran to put the icing on the cake.
I really hope some youth will step up and shine.... Im sick of "having" to bring in vets to make up for poor drafts and planning. And dont get on my about ST21 dying putting us in a hole, its been years.
there's no shame in signing a veteran. that's what the Saints did in 2009. aren't the Jets doing that across the board on defense this year?

with 4 picks heading into the 2010 draft there was NO chance the Redskins were going to fill more than a couple of holes, so veteran free agents are a MAJOR source of depth for this team during Shanahan's first year with the club.
With three top ten draft picks in the secondary we SHOULD be able to get away with plugging someone into the FS slot. If they have to go FA I hope they go with a younger, role player, type. No more stars. with sharper off the list I have no idea who may become available over the next 4 months.
I think Moore can handle it. Contrary to popular belief we dont need a superstar at every position If the fromnt seven does its job you will see the secondary excell even more

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