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heroes and goats


Nov 17, 2010
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sorry fellahs got booted form the chat and couldnt get on the site again until now.

heres what I saw yesterday

RG3- Looked like a solid vet early this season, was helped by going against a mediocre defence but who cares, he flashed everything we wanted him to but the two key plays for me were late in the third when he rolled out and.... threw the ball away. we were protecting a lead and HE PLAYED SMART. he was by no means perfect but that was the best game by a skins QB in a long time. only time will tell, but if he plays like that all year, I will be ok with the stupid price we paid.

Alfred MOrris (sp?) I am a Helu guy, I love his burst and his toughness, but I gotta say Morris just seems to fit this scheme better, he is more powerful and while he lacks the breakaway speed, he has a great burst. these are the sorts of pickups we will need to become contenders.

Haslett, first half, ran a smart plan, used 40 fronts effectively and blitzed from unexpected angles. covered up our poor secondary by getting pressure.

Haslett, you are pissing me off again, early on we ran a lot of 40 front BUT we were blitzing, and lo and behold we looked like a damn good defence against a great offensive team. we hid our secondary by generating pressure. second half early on we did it as well but for some reason near the ned of the game we went back into our "just lose the game " package and seemed to play more off and less blitzing. Newsflash, our secondary has decent safeties not special and we dont have great cover corners, we NEED pressure to be effective, when we get that pressure our secondary will look great because they may not be great cover guys but they can all ballhawk.

Oline- stupid penalties at inopportune times, brainfarts, and just overmatched on short yards. however they also flashed some solid play, what pisses me off is how much better this offence could potentially be with some stud Olinemen. Lick took a dumb hold on a 17 yard run, TW with a false start, Ill give monty some cred for drawing an offsides, but we will have to be better against teams like Dallass and the midgets.

all in all a satisfying win, despite almost giving it away at the end, there is light at the end of the tunnel now, we actually have an offence that can score and move the ball and a defence that isnt great but will be if we fill the holes.

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