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Help me identify these UFO's

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Sep 28, 2010
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No pictures. Just descriptions.

I am sitting on the beach, on the East Coast, at about 1130pm.
I see 2 phenomenons at the same time, and not sure if they're related.

Off in the horizon, just above the ocean horizon, as far as I can see to the East, I see a large, bright light, that flashes briefly, about once every 2 minutes.

It is both the size and the color of the sun (but not the actual shape). However, I know it is not the sunset, because for one thing, it's 1130pm, and for another it's in the east, and of course the sun sets in the West. And also, it flashes, rather than stays consistent.

Anyhow, while the color and the size resembles the sun. The shape is similar, but different. The shape is as if you sliced off both the top and the bottom of the sun, in a straight line, so all that's left to the shape is the middle portion of the sun. So basically that giant shape, with a giant orange hue, flashes for about a second, and it happens about every 2 minutes.

That's one incident.
Then at the roughly the same time, I see another thing happening. Again, not sure if it's related.

This one isn't near the horizon, but directly above me in the night sky.
I see about 3 or 4 RED lights in the sky, and they start out in some weird geometric formation, and then they suddenly dart about, extremely fast, and in random directions, unlike any aircraft movement I have ever seen. But unlike the orange light just above the horizon, that flashes every couple minutes, these tiny red lights, move almost constantly with some very brief pauses.

Any ideas on what either, or both of these, might be ?
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Did you ever do acid in college? :)

Wow - that does sound strange - I have no idea what you may be seeing...
Maybe some Big Foots (Big Feet?) were playing Frisbee...

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Did you only see this once ? When you say the size of the sun, are ya talkin at rise when it first breaks the horizon, or it's size when fully risen ? What was the weather conditions ?

When looking at something on or just above the horizon, you're lookin through the max amount of atmosphere, and there can be a great deal of distortion. More so over water. Quite often what you think is sky is actually the water. I've learned about this type of optical distortion while photographing the the moon and other objects in the night sky. I've seen the sun and moon appear to be cut off flat top and bottom more then once moments after they have risen.

As for the red dots.... no clue.
Did you only see this once ? When you say the size of the sun, are ya talkin at rise when it first breaks the horizon, or it's size when fully risen ? What was the weather conditions ?

The moving red dots, I've seen on multiple occasions.
But the sun-like thing that appeared around midnite I only saw once.
It was the size when fully risen, minus the top and bottom, that I mentioned "clipped off"
Weather was clear and pretty normal.
My body composition was normal as well, meaning no substance abuse :)
Normal night all around.....except for the sights :)

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