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Haynesworth Fails Conditioning Test

Not to be a conspiracy theorist but I can't help but think Shanahan gave him a test he figured he wouldn't pass in order to make an example of him in front of the team. It will be up to Mike as to how much he will be allowed to practice going forward. Talk about a slice of humble pie. Perhaps this is Mike's way of forcing him to work out with the Skins strength coaches and trainers for a few days - a kind of minicamp just for Albert.

I've said it before and I'll say it again....once you get into Shanahan's doghouse, it ain't easy getting out.
I've said it before and I'll say it again....once you get into Shanahan's doghouse, it ain't easy getting out.

Mark Schlereth said the same thing on the radio the other day.
He blew through the first 300 yards, and the second one he got halfway through and had to go to the bathroom....

And when he came back he had to start from the beginning and was too tired to finish. lol.
I read where passed the first test easy and after bathroom break couldn't pass the 2nd test. You know Shanahan is going to make him pay for questioning his authority. Plus, he has to start with 2nd string once passes the test.

Any word if Fletcher and Haynesworth have cleared the air?
news had it that he passed 2 times - the requiremnts - but Shanahan directed the time between shuttle 1 & 2 was too lengthy so he had to do it over. failed time limit on the 3rd run.

Shanahan is looking petty here.
Tomorrow morning can't get here fast enough! I want to see this first hand!
Anybody get confirmation that it was three 300 yard sprints I keep hearing about? This seems like Shanahan sending a message, which is fine. I would think there is a possibility that they both move on tommorrow and get back to normal.
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i hope so too....we don't need more drama from this issue..we need reps in the 3-4 defense and if Al is behind then he needs to be at practise...
I'm so tired of this guy, I can't possibly put it into words. For $100 million dollars, you run on hot lava rocks and crushed glass if that's what the coach wants.

Albert's a punk, a crybaby, and a poor teammate. That's the "get him off my team" trifecta.
Shanahan is looking petty here.

Are you kidding? It is a 300-yard shuttle. 6 50-yard (25-yards up and back) sprints. Yes, that's a lot of running, but something every NFL player should be able to complete several times over. The whole point of a conditioning test is finishing a certain amount of exercise in a certain amount of time. See: every military service we have.
Banks is saying the 1st was a conditioning run and only the snd was shuttles. Plus I've also read that it was 3 lengths of the football field per shuttle, not 6 50's. Either way it amounts to 2 300's (and about 4 to 5 total minutes of run time) at the snail's pace guys this size will have to do it in so there's no excuse for taking the extra time between. That was a wuss move even if he had no chance in hell of Shanahan letting him pass.
Redskins Insider reporting he failed it again this morning.


Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has apparently failed his conditioning test for a second day in a row. The team hit the practice field for the second day of training camp Friday morning, and Haynesworth was not among the group that took the field for the start
of practice.

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said Haynesworth would not be allowed to practice until he first passed the team's conditioning test. Haynesworth made his first attempt at the test on Thursday morning but couldn't pass.

In his comments following Thursday's practice, Shanahan didn't seem like he'd be willing to ease up on the test requirements. It's believed Haynesworth was required to complete two 300-yard shuttle sprints.

"It may take a week," Shanahan said. "We don't know. ...The only thing I can tell you is that when he does pass the test, I'll feel very good that he can go out there and compete at that position."
Hope this isn't just Shanaham primpin' for the media.

He can't run the test? I don't know.

But I doubt we have two O-linemen that could block him.
LOL...wow! MS is playing hardball...I LOVE IT! We have a coach who's a hard case again, been way too long! I have this pipe dream of a team with discipline...dare I say it's about to come to fruition????
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