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Happy Thanksgiving


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Jun 30, 2009
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O.K., I know this isn't the most pleasant time for Redskins fans, but...

It is Thanksgiving and I wanted to wish everyone here a happy one :)

If you really look around, even we Redskins fans have a lot to be thankful for, I know I do-one of them is a devastatingly awesome bunch of Redskins fan friends who hang out at a wacky but basically friendly spot to chat, argue, and cheer for our Redskins...no matter how crappy they are right now.:juggle:

On a more serious note, friends?, family?, plenty to eat?, A place to lay your head down at night and keep warm and sleep comfortably when it's cold and wet outside? You have these things?

Some would say we are fortunate, others would say we are blessed, but whatever word we choose we need to remember to be grateful for the great things we do have.

I know I am.

May every person here have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :thumbsup:
I appreciate each and every one of you all. It's a strange thing, but you all are my surrogate family. I've met many of you, and hope to meet more down the road, but regardless of whether we've been together geographically or not, you all are my brothers and sisters. You all are the reason we built this site and are committed to keeping it going for our lifetimes (whatever they may be). It's always a lot more fun when our joint passion is successful and winning, but even when they aren't, we share camaraderie, esprit de corps, and a shared love of Redskins football. We have the best group of NFL fans anywhere right here.

I'm also lucky in real life. As Robert said - having been far away and often, out in the elements, I don't take for granted where we live, the freedoms (imperfect or not) that we enjoy, and the fortune of having enough to eat, the ability to support my loved ones, and a warm bed and home to call my own. A lot of folks in this world have far, far less.

I hope everyone takes the time to tell the people that matter to them most that they DO matter. Life is short my friends. Don't miss an opportunity to let the people that count know how much they mean to you. I will be thinking of my Mom and Dad over the next few days, both of whom passed away during this season, my Dad just last Thanksgiving.

Thanks for being a part of BGO!

I am grateful for every single thing I have. My family and friends being far more important than anything else. I appreciate having all of you here for when I have a question, need to vent, or just to shoot the shit for a while. It's great to know those of you I know, and I hope to meet as many of you as I can as the years go on. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.
Happy Thanksgiving BGO brothers and sisters! Thank you for simply being great people whom I enjoy connecting with. You may not know it but you have been helping me get through a really rough patch in my life right now. I am humbled and grateful for the goodness that is displayed from each of you. Like Boone, my Mom will be in my thoughts a lot today. Her advice and faith are sorely missed.
I've decided to use this holiday of thanks to make some changes in myself as well. More focus on others and more spirit of giving of myself. Here, I also want to change how I interact, especially in the PA, towards listening more and debating less. I want to learn from and about you all n hopes of someday being granted the blessing of becoming your real life friend and a better member of this awesome community.
Damned hippie.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks. Enjoy food, family and football today. Boone's right, btw. My wife had I had a small fight last night and made up this morning when we told each other we are thankful for each other.

Inidentally, I am thankful the Skins aren't playing today. :)
Happy Thanksgiving to my BGO family. Gobble till ya wobble! :cheers:

Also thoughts and prayers this holiday season to those that have lost loved ones or a family member is deployed.

Have a special day everyone.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Like is short, be thankful. And let those important to you know it.

And a special thanks to those fighting for us overseas, so we can enjoy this day here.
Happy Thanksgiving! Try not to murder any family members! And remember, drinking before noon is totally acceptable behavior today! Lol

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Cracking a beer and sitting down to watch some football. Enjoy your day, BGO!

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Yes, yes, happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

Be safe, and enjoy those who matter the most.

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As we enjoy today's conversations, let's remember our dear friends 'Docsandy', Sandy Zier-Teitler, and 'Posse Lover', Michael Huffman, who would dearly love to be here with us today! We love and miss you guys ❤

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