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Happy Nerdigras!

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Happy hour starts in 5 minutes

Lanky Livingston


I just found out about this unofficial "holiday." It starts today, and goes through 3/14.

3/5 = the square root of Christmas. sqrt(1225) = 35

3/14 = pi day

So, happy Nerdigras!

the Omniscient

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Oct 18, 2009
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My wife is an engineer at NASA. She has held a few positions there and they always celebrate Pi Day. In fact, if you go to ThinkGeek.com, you can see all of our friends wearing Pi Day t-shirts. We go camping all the time and they even have a Pi-day song. They are the biggest nerds ever. They sit around the fire and try to say as many consecutive numbers in Pi as they can. It is quite entertaining.

All my friends work for NASA or NASA contractors. I feel like such a loser because I am a silly musician, I am the dummy of the group.

I have not heard of Nerdigras though. I will pass it along.

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