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Halfway Through Preseason - The Rookies, Who Makes The Cut?

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Oct 1, 2009
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So, what are you're predictions as to who amongst the rookies will make the team? Practice squad? Released?

Here is what I think will happen...

Rd. 1 - Ryan Kerrigan
He will be an opening day starter and should have a good season. He will make steady progress throughout 2011 and be a solid performer by the season's end.

Rd. 2 - Jarvis Jenkins
He will be an impact player and has an outside chance to be ROTY-D. One of the best selections in round two.

Rd. 3 - Leonard Hankerson
He should start the season as the 5th receiver and see plenty of action - probably moving to 4th receiver by mid-season. I can see him hauling in thirty catches in '11 - maybe close to forty if he can get rid of the dropsies.

Rd. 4 - Roy Helu
He is going to see a lot of action and could gain around 700 yards in his rookie campaign. I wouldn't be surprised to see him have at least three long runs for TDs.

Rd. 5 - DeJon Gomes
DeJon will get plenty of playing time and could have a special knack for big plays. Gomes will end the tenures of Kareem Moore and Chris Horton. He could be the steal of the fifth round.

Rd. 5 - Niles Paul
Niles Paul is heading to the practice squad. He is a long term project who could fit in as a fourth receiver in two or three years.

Rd. 6 - Evan Royster
Royster will have a fine first year in the burgundy and gold. Look for him to gain 200 to 300 yards on the ground and provide those needed tough yards from scrimmage. Those numbers may sound a bit low, but with Hightower and Helu, Royster will provide the Redskins with depth and quality when the starters need a breather.

Rd. 6 - Aldrick Robinson
He won't be on the opening day roster and he could fall short of making the practice squad as well. I'm predicting that he will need to catch on with another team.

Rd. 7 - Brandyn Thompson
A hard worker who will be placed on the practice squad. Perhaps there will come a day when he can be on the fifty-three man roster, but it will take patience, some luck, and a strong work ethic.

Rd. 7 - Maurice Hurt
He is going to the practice squad as a long term project. Look for the team to upgrade the depth on the OL when final cuts are made by all teams. Hurt will need to dedicate himself to the weight room and learning the ZBS. He can provide depth in the future if he is willing to commit to working hard.

Rd. 7 - Markus White
Markus has a chance to be on the opening day roster, but the next two preseason games will be a test. He is probably going to the practice squad, but will be on the fifty-three man roster in the future - but only if another team doesn't sign him to a deal from the Redskins PS.

Rd. 7 - Chris Neild
You can't fault his desire and determination. Chris Neild is likely heading to the practice squad, but he could be snatched up by another team. If not, he has a future with the Redskins.

Unfortunately for many of them, they were not able to be signed immediately following the draft and this is to their detriment. Very few, if any, will be on the practice squad.
Sounds a bit optimistic, esp. on the numbers. Royster makes the squad only if we trade or cut Torrain. Loved Torrain last year. His energy and intensity and punishing running style was such a breath of fresh air, but his inability to compete and everyone else's success makes it a possibility.

Picking Royster over Torrain will be a tough call. I like both.

I agree Hankerson makes the squad, but as fourth or fifth receiver I doubt he gets more than 20 catches. Just aren't that many opportunities or four receiver sets used.

Been really pleasantly surprised with Gomes. I think I agree.

I think Neild has a chance to make the squad. He seemed like he got a lot of time against the Colts and did pretty well as we saw from our defensive effectiveness.

Paul could could make the team if Banks' knee proves too problematic. Receiver is going to be the second toughest choice though. I'd go Moss, Gafney, Armstrong, Austin, Banks, Hankerson at the moment... but if Banks can't go, then I pick Paul because I want that fifth or sixth wide receiver to contribute on special teams.

Otherwise, I pretty much agree.
God bless this is a nice conundrum! Unlike the Vinny days where all his draft picks made the team even though they may not have deserved it, we have some actual difficult decisions to make.

Your top five there are all but lock, imo, BB - catastrophic play or injuries aside. I still think Royster makes it over Torain, as long as Royster doesn't crap the bed in the next two weeks. I'm all in favor of moving Torain if we can.

Neild and White have a chance, I think everyone else goes to the PS, or we don't even try to re-sign.

I'm hoping next year we have the same difficult decisions to make, but with OLinemen.
Wow, found a great read on analyzing our draft picks from football outsiders:

The impressive depth of the Redskins' 2011 draft - at least on paper - is that nearly everyone on the list can make an immediate contribution. Second-round defensive tackle Jarvis Jenkins from Clemson is an ideal five-technique (3-4 defensive end) prospect who may replace Kendrick Gholston right from the start at the right defensive end position. He can also kick inside to tackle in the nickel fronts Haslett will probably still have to run more often than he wants to because of his specific personnel.

Nebraska's Roy Helu, Jr. is like Hankerson in one way - he's deceptively fast and mislabeled as a player. Just as Hankerson has been saddled with the "possession receiver" tag, Helu was thought to be a traditional I-back because he's a bigger player (6-foot-0, 220 pounds), but he ran a 4.4 40-yard dash at the 2011 scouting combine, and he's really more of a one-cut-and-go back. Shanahan proved with Peyton Hillis in Denver that he could think outside the box with I-backs, and it's entirely possible that Helu might be the sleeper of this entire draft class. Helu scored 28 rushing touchdowns on just 522 carries in his collegiate career, so he's definitely going to get looks as a red-zone threat.

Not only does each player stand to make a difference, but it's the overriding draft-first philosophy that should be encouraging to Redskins fans. This is the first time in the Snyder ownership era that the personnel mindset has run this way - most would say it's past time for that to happen.

Great find, Goaldeje!

Missing the preseason due to being in Alaska for a vacation, it's been really nice to come back to a complete lack of the question to which I've become so accustomed to going into Week 3 of the preseason:

Which was the worst pick?

None of the 2011 draft class really excites me. Sean did. Campbell did (if nothing more than because Gibbs picked a quarterback). Landry did. Orakpo did. Hell, Durant Brooks had a 60-something-yarder in a highlight reel and I forced myself to get excited about SOMETHING regarding the 2008 draft aside from Malcolm Kelly's freestyling.

The fact that nobody excites me, though, that excites me. We didn't go for a flashy pick in Jones or Green. We didn't have a resolution to the Gabbert versus Locker versus Dalton versus Copernikack (I'm not even going to look it up to spell it correctly; I prayed that we wouldn't get him just so that I wouldn't have to). We traded down away from Gabbert and got some linebacker (I don't follow college, but I've usually heard about whoever we take). Then a defensive tackle. Then a "meh" receiver. Then all of Nebraska including a bunch of running backs (I wasn't happy with any of those running back picks; I was high on ATV).

Coming back, though, and reading the honest opinions of many on ES (I just joined here last night), I was very surprised. It looks like we have something going here. A quarterback controversy for the better, ATV being on the bubble, possible rough gems like Gomes, etc. I'm not expecting miracles, but damn, I wasn't expecting this from our draft class.

I'm glad that I've given Shanallen the benefit of the doubt.
I think Hank was potentially the splashy (somewhat anyway) pick. But he hasn't lit it up yet, and likely won't make a huge impact until next year or the year after, injuries aside.

I agree completely that I like the low-profile picks, who will come in and contribute but not necessarily star right away.

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