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Hail yes or Hail no Part II

Hail yes or Hail no

  • Hail yes. I believe in this team

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  • The fates are fickle and uncertain. I pray, but do not know

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  • Hail no. This day is lost.

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Jul 16, 2011
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Upon my eye, this last week we did see our first action. The enemy did land the first monstrous blow. A bomb landed in our midst, but our lads did not flinch. No, they stood behind a general of uneven temperment and reputation and fought. I say our helms bare the scars of giants who tried to lay siege and defile our kingdom and though our safety was uncertain... though our safety was indeed twice imperiled... We held. Nay we more than held, but drove those filthy brutes back to their sky high caverns. They may have bloodied us, but the day was ours. This first day on the march rang true.

Hail to the untested rookie who deflected a hail of arrows and plunged alone beyond the line to secure the flag or the irrelevent barely known who sacked the General's camp. Hail to the grizzled man of London who led in defense and never faltered.... and even to the soldier who like the reed bends, but in the end will not break.

But before your heart fills and you lie fat in contentment remember that though Giants were cowed this was not victory. For even in their shame, they scoff and plan to return. Sadly, this was but a step a first step as more villains assail us, more monsters descend from their featery airie. And though these dress in sheep's skin or Cardinals feather or pretend to be pious bishops we must be resolute for we are still young and of uncertain mettle and they are devious and cunning and without love.

And so I ask again... Do you stand with us. Will you raise your voice to Hail victory or cower behind the shield of apathy or the veneer of sickly cynicism.

What is it today? Is it Hail to the Redskins or is it not?
Hail Yes !
Hail Yes !
Hail Yes !
Hail Yes !
Hail Yes !
Hail Yes !
Hail Yes !

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